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Sleeve technology of flexographic printing

new technology has been widely used in flexographic printing. Rotec of Germany and laserlife of Australia are actively promoting sleeve technology in the world. In the past few days, these two companies have provided Chinese users with high-quality products with accurate production control positioning and perfect technical support. It can be said that the application will seriously affect the measurement results of the equipment. Sleeve technology has replaced the traditional version roller, which is the development trend of flexographic printing

simply speaking, the sleeve is a fast version change system. Mount the printing plate on the sleeve in advance, or make a plate directly on the sleeve, and then install it on the air support roller and directly print on the machine, instead of mounting the printing plate on the traditional plate roller. Using an air supported roller with the same size and diameter of L roll surface, these sleeves with the same inner diameter and different wall thickness are installed to change the printing perimeter, which has the advantages of high flexibility and easy plate mounting. There are two kinds of uses of sleeves: mounting plates and making plates without seams, which can be divided into plate pasting sleeves and seamless plate sleeves

the surface of the plate mounting sleeve is characterized by high hardness, impact resistance and cutting resistance. This sleeve has a small wall thickness and is generally used for mounting photosensitive resin plates. Ro includes two production lines imported from abroad. In addition to the above blue light sleeve, TEC also provides an air cushion sleeve. The surface material of the momentum sleeve is an open, honeycomb, highly compressible urethane foam, which has the characteristics of high hardness and compressible foam. Mounting a photosensitive resin printing plate on the air cushion sleeve is of great significance for printing fine points and controlling the expansion of points. Using air cushion sleeves with different wall thickness, the printing perimeter can be changed from 130mm to 2000mm

seamless plate sleeve, also known as plate sleeve, refers to the direct laser engraving of seamless plates on the sleeve, similar to the production of gravure roller. The surface of the sleeve is covered with glue, amino acid or polyimide and other materials, which are used for the production of no doubt printing plate or polishing printing plate. The seamless plate sleeve is used for patterns that cannot be achieved by ordinary photosensitive resin plates. The same background and edge. Ciro piermatteo, an expert in automotive utilization in the polycarbonate Business Department of Bayer materials technology, said: "Including ambient lighting, seamless design, diversified decorative surfaces and pleasant feelings, continuous line printing or polishing, etc.

laserlife is a famous manufacturer of laser engraving ceramic roller and rubber roller. The combination of these two major technical strengths ensures the quality and service of the seamless plate sleeve it provides. Now more than ten flexographic printing plants in China have applied laser engraving seamless plate sleeve These prints include packaging paper, filter paper, wallpaper, etc

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