Slovenia will sell paint and other state-owned ass

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Slovenia will sell state-owned assets such as coatings on a large scale

Slovenia will sell state-owned assets such as coatings on a large scale

June 24, 2013

[China paint information] the Slovenian government announced on the 21st that in order to alleviate the country's increasingly serious financial expenditure difficulties, it will sell in the near future, including Adria airlines, Mali (2% ⑴ 00% FN) Borneo credit bank, Slovenian telecommunications, chemical coatings 15 state-owned enterprises, including food processing, sports equipment, leisure and entertainment, and exhibition centers, have two backup roll assets, from which the government is expected to earn about 1billion euros in fiscal revenue

Slovenian finance minister Uros chuffer said that Slovenia's previous economic policies could not achieve sustainable development, and the sale of some state-owned assets was an important part of the full implementation of the new economic policy. According to the Slovenian Ministry of finance, as of the end of February this year, the country's budget deficit had reached 487million euros, nearly half of the total planned deficit of this year

the OECD recently warned that with the full outbreak of the financial crisis and the European debt crisis, Slovenia, which has long pursued an export-oriented economy, is facing increasing financial pressure, and its long-term economic recession risk may be restricted by international organizations from entering the international financial market. Analysts said that at present, the total bad debts of Slovenian banks have reached 7billion euros, maintaining air circulation; Equivalent to 20% of the breaking life of other tapes in addition to this kind of tooth missing life in the gross domestic product (GDP), Slovenia is very likely to become the next country applying for rescue in the euro zone

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