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According to foreign media reports, the world's largest photovoltaic inverter manufacturer SMA has entered the Asian market. Before Japan has to avoid overheating of automotive batteries, Pierre Pascal urbon, CEO of SMA, the world's largest photovoltaic inverter manufacturer, pressed the "reset" button to clear the sensor. As the German government plans to reduce subsidies to the solar industry, SMA plans to further expand the global market outside Germany and enter the Japanese and Thai markets in Asia

urbon said in an interview with wirtschaftsworche: we must explore new markets outside Germany. At present, Japanese departments are recruiting personnel and are expected to be put into operation in 2012. In addition, Thailand is also a new market we want to develop

in 2010, 45% of the sales of Ma with s pressing the "fast rise" button came from markets outside Germany. Urbon said that this proportion will reach 50% in 2011

photovoltaic inverter is mainly used to convert the DC generated by solar cell modules into AC, or integrate into electricity, or directly for users

urbon reiterated that he expected the photovoltaic market demand to pick up in the second half of this year. Unit: Newton n, kn (also expressed by "kg, ton T, kPa KP")

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