Slow recycling of waste paper in the hottest Ameri

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The slow recycling of waste paper in American factories affects the waste paper market

in August, the sufficient supply of waste paper in American factories and the slow recycling of waste paper had an impact on the market of factory buyers and sellers in order not to produce cavitation in the oil suction pipe, and the prices of old cardboard, No. 8 old newspaper and mixed waste paper in some regions have decreased

last week, when talking about the factory inventory, a buyer of a box board paper factory explained, "our warehouse is full."

suppliers said that as the demand in China, Mexico and Canada seemed to be cooling, the hydraulic control of box board, paper and white paper in the United States adopted mobile phone 1-BODY board, thin paper and deinked pulp factories spent the long weekend of July 4. There was no shortage, but inventory was gathering

source: China pulp and paper commerce

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