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The contract negotiation of epoxy resin in Europe is slow

the contract negotiation of epoxy resin Market in Europe next month, but the progress is slow. The local market has been in a downturn for six years since, and the contract closed at 2180 ~ 2285 euros/ton for liquid resin and 2000 ~ 2120 euros/ton for solid resin in May, up 30 ~ 80 euros/ton from last month

according to relevant experts, 5. Transmission system: there are two important types of transmission of electronic universal experimental machine: 1. Circular arc synchronous gear belt fine lead screw pair transmission; 2. Popular belt drive Shao. The local market is abundant in spot supply, but the downstream demand performance industry has different opinions. Some sellers believe that the demand will slightly improve, but most manufacturers feel that the demand is lower than expected. In addition, the change of upstream raw materials is not clear, and the progress of contract negotiation in June is slow

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