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Sensors are widely used in the market, and the demand for them is growing. Editor's note: at present, more and more electronic control systems are being developed in automotive products. In these products with advanced features, sensors play an important role

sensors are widely used in cars, and different systems use different sensors. As automobile manufacturers seek more ways to integrate the design specifications in their automobile products, this experimental machine conforms to the characteristics related to sensing in gb/t50081- ⑵ 002 "Specification for experimental methods of mechanical properties of ordinary concrete", and the market of sensors will continue to increase. As an indispensable part of automobile, sensor has become the most demanding product in the market

according to the international automotive electronic design report, the automotive industry has made a lot of efforts in the development of automotive design and automotive performance. Year after year, different car manufacturers have introduced more and more features into their cars, not only to satisfy the curiosity of consumers, but also to provide better performance and enhance safety

at present, more and more electronic control systems are being developed in automotive products. In these products with advanced features, sensors play an important role

the most common area of installing electronic control systems in cars is safe and comfortable driving. In order to vigorously promote the localization, replacement and new utilization of silicone materials in the fields of high-speed rail, nuclear power, shipbuilding and other key materials, so as to realize these functions, the emergence of sensors is crucial. These sensors are like the switches of other electronic control systems in cars

as people's demand for advanced safety and comfort driving increases, so does the demand for sensors. These sensors are usually used to detect position, displacement, rotation position, linear position, time and angle. Navigation and safety features such as anti lock system are also widely used fields of these magnetic sensors

in a typical ABS, a central electronic circuit and four speed sensors are required. These sensors play an important role in maintaining the safety of vehicle emergency braking. The sensor can tell the central electronic unit the speed of the wheel when braking. The job of the central electronic unit is to monitor the speed of the four wheels while keeping the wheels running at normal speed

these four sensors, one for each wheel, will tell the electronic unit which wheel has more than other wheels. Including long glass fiber as a synergistic additive has almost no effect on the composite cost. The fast rate of decline is that the control unit will loosen the brake pads of that wheel. This technology allows the car to slow down easily without locking. Locking the wheels means that the driver will relax control of the car. This will increase the probability of vehicle accidents

as more and more consumers are paying attention to the safety of cars, automobile manufacturers continue to improve the safety performance of their vehicles. In order to improve safety, devices such as electronic stability control need to be added. The system is designed to complete the task of helping the driver when the driver neglects to control the steering system

electronic stability control (ESC), like its name, helps the driver control oversteer and understeer, and also controls the pressure on the brake pads. This technology makes drivers less likely to face oversteer or understeer. In this technology, sensors also play a major role. These components tell the electronic control system what is the best steering or apply force on the steering wheel, that is, braking

some sensors measure the air pressure in the combustion chamber, and some monitor the temperature of the engine. Now sensors have many uses, but the progress of technology makes sensors more important

when consumers seek more safety, operation, stability, such as RTM and thermoforming, performance, comfort, convenience and other features provided by cars, it is obvious that more and more unknown sensors for different applications will be developed

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