Basic requirements of the hottest food packaging

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Basic requirements for food packaging

food is related to the safety of people's lives and the health of consumers. Food packaging is not only an important condition to ensure food safety, but also an important means to ensure the sensory quality of food, such as color, aroma and taste. In the modern developed commercial field, food packaging also plays an important role in food promotion. Therefore, as the packaging of food, it should at least meet the following requirements:

1. Strength requirements

because food can reach consumers only after the completion of packaging through the process of stacking, transportation, storage and so on, which requires that food packaging has a certain strength and will not be damaged in the process of circulation

2. Barrier requirements

the barrier requirements of food packaging are determined by the physical properties of the food itself to avoid rats biting wires. Different foods have different requirements for the barrier characteristics of their environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless packaging. On the one hand, the barrier of food packaging ensures that all kinds of bacteria, dust, light gas, moisture, etc. in the external environment cannot enter the food in the package; on the other hand, it ensures that the moisture, grease, aromatic ingredients, etc. contained in the food do not penetrate outward, and the ingredients essential to food quality do not penetrate outward, so as to achieve the purpose of ensuring that the packaged food does not deteriorate. Other foods require that packaging materials have a selective barrier to gas. For example, fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping packaging can selectively pass through O2 and CO2 by controlling the pore size of the material, so as to control the respiratory intensity of packaged food and achieve the purpose of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping

3. Safety and hygiene

while the packaging materials of food have the necessary impermeability, they must ensure that the packaging materials themselves are safe, non-toxic and free of volatile substances, that is, they are required to ensure that a clean and clean material itself has stable tissue components. In addition, during the implementation of the packaging process, there will be no substances and chemical components that react chemically with food ingredients, and there will be no chemical changes due to changes in climate and normal environmental factors during storage and transfer

4. Temperature resistance requirements

most of the food processing process needs to be heat treated. Some are high-temperature processed after packaging, such as canned food and small cooking food, some are hot filled, such as many hot filled beverages, and many food have a long shelf life. When it reaches or exceeds one year, this kind of normal temperature preserved food will inevitably go through hot summer in the storage process. With its high durability and easy protection, To keep above 30 ℃, food packaging is required to have certain temperature resistance. With the different food and processing technology, the requirements for temperature resistance are also different

5. Requirements for light avoidance

light is very detrimental to the maintenance of food quality and nutrition. In particular, ultraviolet radiation will oxidize the oil in food and cause rancidity, oxidize the natural pigments in food and change the color of food, which will promote the loss of vitamin B and vitamin C in food. In addition, light will also cause amino acid decomposition, sugar melting and other physical and chemical changes that are not conducive to the maintenance of food quality. Therefore, for good food packaging, lightproof is also very important

6. Safety requirements

as food is a daily consumer goods, it can reach consumers only through the circulation link, which requires that food packaging should be suitable for placement, handling, display and convenient purchase, without injurious edges and corners or burrs, and try to have special hand-held devices to facilitate purchase. We should also consider that even if the package is opened incorrectly, it will not cause harm to consumers

7. Promotional requirements

promotional is one of the important functions of food packaging. Promotional requirements of food packaging materials should be easy to print, easy to shape, easy to color, light weight and other characteristics. In this regard, plastic undoubtedly has unique advantages

8. Convenience requirements

convenient packaging is often an important reason for consumers to choose a certain food. The convenience of packaging includes convenient use, such as the packaging of condiments and convenient form; Such as the newly launched milk tablets (dry eating milk powder); Convenient place; For example, travel and leisure food for outdoor consumption should be light in weight, small in size and easy to open; Requirements for convenient carrying, convenient measurement, convenient operation, convenient selection, etc

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