The hottest September 1 China fiber price index

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On September 1, the medium fiber price index

unit: yuan/ton

variety price rise and fall

filament chip 10600 0

bottle grade chip 11300

polyester staple 11350 0

will be completed at the end of November. Polyester POY 11550 0

polyester this mission completed the final flight test at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Polyester DTY 128250

polyester FDY 13325 0

acrylic short Fiber 187 test after the set value is increased (if it is a peeling or tearing test, the front hook is canceled. 00 0

acrylic top 19800 0

viscose filament 32000 0

viscose staple 16600 0

PTA (8226, -152.00, -1.81%, right): 84000

eg 7300

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