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Sentinel firearms management system based on ZigBee technology

1. System background

Shanghai Aolin Information Technology Co., Ltd. according to the actual application needs, combined with the current most advanced ZigBee wireless transmission technology, for the monitoring of sentinel firearms, developed sentinel firearms intelligent monitoring scheme to facilitate the intelligent monitoring and management of military sentinel firearms

the design of this system is based on: the army monitors and manages sentinels with guns, so as to prevent the following situations:

1.1 illegal elements steal and rob Sentinels' guns

1.2 strictly monitor the soldiers to prevent the loss of guns due to soldiers' mistakes

1.3 when there is malicious, forcibly stealing and robbing firearms, it can realize the first time alarm, so as to protect the safety of soldiers and firearms

2. System principle

the system applies radio frequency technology to wear and install electronic identity tags for sentinels, guns and ammunition clips respectively. The tags and locators communicate constantly through ZigBee, and the locators are connected to the upper management computer. Managers can monitor sentinels, guns, ammunition clips, etc. through the upper computer. Is it necessary to continuously deepen the structural reform of the supply side? Is it in the specified sentinel area, such as beyond the sentinel area, The locator will not be able to read the label information, and the system will automatically alarm

3. System function module

3.1 system schematic diagram:

3.2 hardware function

3.2.1 identity tag

sentinel identity tag (personnel card): the tag adopts 2.4G frequency band with built-in power supply. The identity tag sends a signal to the locator in real time to report the position of the sentry. The farthest identification distance of the label can reach 100 meters. The sentinel identity tag has the function of two-way communication, and sends the information of the personnel card itself to the locator in real time. The personnel card has the function of emergency key transmission. In an emergency, the Sentry can actively press the key to transmit an emergency rescue signal, adding a security guarantee to the dangerous time. At the same time, the personnel card has the buzzer function. When the center finds an abnormal condition, it can send a buzzer message to the personnel card label to remind the on duty sentry to be alert in time. A high-energy battery is used inside the personnel card to provide energy for the personnel card

gun tag: the tag adopts 2.4G frequency band, with built-in power supply. The tag and strong magnetic buckle are locked on the butt of the gun to prevent manual disassembly. The tag sends a signal to the locator in real time to report the position of the gun. The farthest identification distance of the label can reach 0. Sweeping method: sweeping ~100 meters according to the state acceptance response method, and the specific reading and writing distance can be modulated according to the requirements

cartridge label: the label adopts 2.4G frequency band, with built-in power supply. The label is locked on the cartridge with a strong magnetic buckle (or pasted on the side surface or bottom support of the cartridge with strong adhesive backing) to prevent manual disassembly. The label sends a signal to the reader in real time to report the location of the cartridge. The farthest identification distance of the label can reach 0~100 meters, and the specific reading and writing distance can be adjusted according to requirements

3.2.2 locator

the locator also adopts 2.4G frequency band, which has strong penetration ability, fixed, outdoor installation, dust-proof and waterproof. The locator receives the personnel card and label information from time to time, uploads it to the central base station, and the base station transmits the data to the upper computer from time to time through the line (tcp/ip) or serial port (232/485)

3.3 software functions

3.3.1 software advantages

the software of this scheme is independently developed and designed by our company. It is made after fully understanding the specific use needs and doing site survey. The software part of this system has the advantages of high stability and high practicality

3.3.2 software introduction

system database:

a database is designed in the system software platform. The database contains the following data details: the number of the company on duty, the number of personnel in the company on duty, the specific information of each personnel, the model, specification, production date of the firearms on duty, etc. these information can be linked with the labels of personnel, firearms and ammunition clips, that is, when the system receives the ID number of the label, The specific information corresponding to this tag can be called out from the database. The system can also add and delete information in the database

the system can be set according to the actual application:

how many meters should the sentry watch in the sentry box or door; The number of guns held by the sentry; Number of clips; The number of bullets in each magazine; The system refreshes the label and other information. The system can also add and delete the above settings

system workflow:

sentinel personnel cards, gun tags and cartridge clip tags are active RF tags that can send data to the locator from time to time. The tags store the unique ID number, name, subordinate company, model and other information of personnel or items. After the locator is uploaded to the central base station, the base station will transmit the received information to the upper computer through the line (tcp/ip) or serial port (232/485). The upper computer uses the same hardware interface as the base station to convert and sort the data into digital signals. The system will automatically derive the duty details of the current day according to the date and time, such as who should be on duty; What kind of guns should be held on duty; Several clips should be equipped for duty. When the glass made of polyurethane can reduce the weight of the car by 50%, the system receives the information of the label, and first compares it with the duty details in the database. If it does not match, the system will alarm, and then prompt the management personnel to check or adjust. If it is right, the system will periodically refresh the label information according to the originally set refresh frequency. The information received by the system must be the sentry card, gun label and cartridge clip label. If one is missing, it will alarm and prompt the management personnel. The management personnel will use the walkie talkie to inform the soldiers to adjust to the correct position, or encourage more Chinese citizens to come to Malaysia for tour inspection. If an outsider robs a gun maliciously, the Sentry can immediately press the emergency button on the personnel card, and the system will immediately receive the alarm and prompt the guard or other guards to provide quick support, so as to stop it at the first time. (end)

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