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In a word: Baoji Machine tool has won the "top ten independent innovation"

machine tool business column in a word] in a word, it is all over the world. Hello, I'm Xiao Wei from machine tool business. Now let me tell you about today's machine tool. Please see the main content:

on April 15, the 16th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (cimt2019) was grandly opened at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing. On the first day of the exhibition, whether the working surface of the hanging pendulum bolt and hanging pendulum hook showed signs of wear, the China Industry Association released the commendation results of four top ten member enterprises in the industry in 2018. Baoji Machine Tool Group bjtl16 high pressure oil drive unit camshaft intelligent production line was rated as one of the top ten independent innovation in 2018 by China Machine Tool Industry Association. The enterprise won the 2018 advanced member and was recognized by the general assembly for the termination of piston rod. []

on April 15, the 16th China CNC machine tool exhibition opened, and the products exhibited by pushningjiang company (fmc50, ck1104vi, ckc1125v, yk3603, yk3610iii) have attracted extensive attention from professionals in the industry. In the afternoon of the same day, China Machine Tool Industry Association awarded the top ten independent innovation and other industry awards. The fms80 flexible manufacturing system of Sichuan pushningjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was honored with the top ten honors of independent innovation in 2018. []

the 8th Jiangmen Advanced Manufacturing Expo 2019 (hereinafter referred to as Jiangmen Expo) hosted by Guangdong Asian Union Exhibition Co., Ltd. will be grandly held at Guangdong Zhuxi International Convention and Exhibition Center on April. At that time, nearly 300 exhibitors from home and abroad will carry thousands of high-end CNC machine tools, precision machining centers, laser equipment, intelligent packaging equipment, industrial robots and other exhibits, competing to display the new achievements of the industrialization of more than 70 kinds of key new materials and the development of equipment manufacturing industry. 【】

2019.8. The international leading industrial interconnection exhibition under Guangdong Industry Expo and Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Advanced Manufacturing Expo, led by Guangdong Industrial interconnection industry alliance, focuses on the innovation, integration and application of the new generation of information and communication technology in the industrial field, and brings together domestic and foreign industrial innovation authorities and experts to discuss and share industrial interconnection policies, technical trends, industrial directions and practical achievements. []

supported by the Guangdong Council for the promotion of international trade and the Foshan Municipal People's government, the 13th South China stainless steel and metal materials exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the 13th South China stainless steel exhibition) jointly organized by the Guangdong stainless steel materials and Products Association, the Foshan Council for the promotion of international trade and Foshan Chengzhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. will be grandly held at the Chencun Flower World Exhibition Center in Shunde, Foshan from April 21 to 23. 【】

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