The hottest sensors become self driving hard power

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It is important for sensors to become autonomous driving "hard power" to seize the blue ocean.

with the accelerated development of cutting-edge scientific and technological fields such as autonomous driving, the importance and popularity of sensors have also been continuously improved. Facing the "temptation" of sensors in the future, domestic enterprises urgently need to strengthen cooperation in various fields, actively introduce high-end talents and improve the training system, so as to obtain breakthrough innovative R & D capabilities and win global competitive advantage

recently, waymo, an autonomous driving enterprise under the parent company of Google, alphabet, has frequently carried out tests of driverless vehicles to verify the performance of the sensors on the vehicles and the new functions given to them

According to foreign media reports, a few months ago, waymo brought its driverless car to Lake Tahoe in an extreme snowstorm to test its performance in extremely cold weather. Recently, waymo began to test the high temperature resistance of driverless cars

waymo driverless car carried the latest sensors to death valley in California for testing, when the temperature was as high as 56.6 degrees Celsius. During the test, waymo engineers need to maintain 200 different measurements per second to ensure that their sensors can operate normally

in addition to testing the operation safety and ability of the sensor in extreme weather, waymo also actively develops new sensors with special functions. Recently, the waymo driverless R & D team cooperated with the Arizona police department to carry out vehicle testing in the state and made new progress. The waymo driverless car equipped with the latest sensors has "learned" how to identify fire engines, ambulances and special vehicles such as reducing the resource consumption of the coating process and establishing a safe chemical management system, and take the initiative to avoid them

the market potential of sensors as "hard power" for autonomous driving is very considerable

limited by the current technical level and functional limitations, the lidar, radar and camera carried by driverless vehicles can only be limited to some functions, and there are still many blind spots. Therefore, each sensor used in autonomous driving is set up to make up for the lack of another sensor

therefore, the vast majority of driverless cars need to rely on the use of different types of sensors for various image recognition, which is the core foundation to ensure the operation and safety of cars

therefore, with the rapid development of the field of automatic driving, the importance of sensors has become increasingly prominent. There is no doubt that autonomous driving will be one of the core industries in the future, and its market scale can be imagined. In this way, the market potential of sensors in the future will also be very huge

at present, there are more than 26000 types of sensors with flexible and casual transmission operation in the world. With the innovation of new material technology and sensitive mechanism, new varieties and types will continue to appear. Icinsights predicts that the global sensor market sales will achieve a compound annual average growth rate (CAGR) of 7.5% in the next few years, and reach $10.5 billion in 2021. "

as driverless vehicles have gradually entered the commercial stage, the growth rate and market scale of sensors are expected to achieve greater breakthroughs

sensors may become "winners and losers". How should domestic enterprises seize this blue ocean

with the development of artificial intelligence technology, sensor applications are also becoming more and more popular. At the same time, the demand for high-end sensors continues to increase. In the main core industries in the future, sensors will undoubtedly play a heavy role as "winners and losers", which is crucial to quality and performance

the prospect is promising, and such a large blue ocean is about to emerge. How should domestic enterprises seize the opportunity

first, strengthen cooperation. Domestic sensor enterprises should strengthen in-depth cooperation with colleges and universities and scientific research institutions to learn from the experience of R & D and innovation. Compared with enterprises, domestic R & D institutions are better at sensor technology research. In addition, communication and cooperation among sensor enterprises, especially upstream and downstream industrial chain enterprises, should also be strengthened. For example, domestic autonomous driving enterprises can cultivate a high-quality sensor enterprise as a partner to promote the accelerated development of driverless vehicles

secondly, introduce talents. Chinese sensor enterprises should actively introduce high-tech talents from overseas and R & D institutions to quickly improve their R & D and innovation capabilities. At the same time, they should select excellent talents from graduates at home and abroad, devote themselves to training, strengthen the construction of R & D teams, and improve the sustainable innovation system

nowadays, the sensor market is getting better and better. In order to gain a firm foothold in the fierce global competition, Chinese sensor enterprises also need to be neither arrogant nor impetuous, uphold the spirit of ingenuity, and use quality and innovation to win the market and go global. At the same time, it has also driven the comprehensive and rapid development of other intelligent fields in China and contributed to the realization of the great Chinese dream

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