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Seoul semiconductor: it has successfully developed a huge amount of micro led transfer technology

it has been waiting for a long time. In the past, it only heard the sound of stairs, but did not see the progress of its micro led. Seoul semiconductor finally showed its micro LED series products in the private exhibition hall of ces2020 exhibition. Ledinside had the honor to interview Sam Ryu, vice president of Seoul semiconductor, to discuss the current development progress of micro LED of Seoul semiconductor. Vice president Liu mentioned that because Seoul semiconductor's style is very conservative and stable, although it has developed micro LED series products many years ago, its president still decided to hope that the products can be mass produced before they are released to the outside world

LIU Chengmin, vice president of Seoul semiconductor, and Li Xianghe, President of China (from left to right)

this time, Seoul semiconductor showed several products that have been commercialized. Including 06060404 RGB LED, which announced that Seoul semiconductor officially entered the LED display field. As for the smaller micro led field, Seoul has launched a 200um 0202 RGB LED package. Especially in 0202, the chip size of RGB LED has been reduced to 2 * with the lifting of the product ban, because the oil delivery valve is blocked by foreign matters or the hydraulic system shows a leaking state 3mil. In addition, Seoul also exhibited RGB LED packages with a volume of only 40um

to put micro LED chips of micron level into the package and then punch them onto the backplane, it is bound to require special transfer process to achieve mass production. Seoul semiconductor has successfully developed a huge amount of transfer technology, which can successfully transfer micro LEDs to any backplane. 5. Maximum compression space: 400mm;, Whether it's PCB or glass backplane. But also because the size of micro LED is too small, the yield of customers' self printing may not be high. Therefore, the operation mode of Seoul semiconductor has also changed from focusing on selling LED devices to selling RGB LED light source modules to customers

vice president Liu mentioned that Seoul semiconductor has entered the stage of commercial mass production in the field of micro led. Through its subsidiary Seoul viosys, it has been able to mass produce RGB LED chips with all-optical color. Seoul semiconductor has advanced packaging and massive transfer technology, which can provide micro LED light panel modules. Therefore, in the future, we hope to use this technology advantage to ally with downstream system and brand manufacturers to jointly promote the commercialization process of micro LED displays

Seoul semiconductor p0.830404 RGB LED module

Seoul semiconductor p0.08 40um RGB LED on glass

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