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On September 11, China Plastics spot ABS market overview

China Plastics price index fell 0.93 points to 1269.04 points, and China Plastics spot index fell 0.93 points to 1299.73 points

I. upstream express:

WTI crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell 0.68 US dollars per barrel to 102.58 US dollars per barrel today, and Brent crude oil fell 1.37 US dollars per barrel to 98.97 US dollars per barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

on Wednesday, the Styrene Market in the United States rose slightly by 0.25 cents to 77 25 cents/pound, about a slight increase of $5 to $1/ton. During the trading day, the spot offer was 79 cents, the offer was rare, and the sporadic hearing was 78 cents/pound. Shell's 990 million-a-year plant in scotford began operation. The company confirmed that goods would be shipped next week

styrene FOB Korea closed 1425 US $75, CFR China closed at US $20/ton, affected by the fall of the upstream raw material market. At the close of the day, the counter-offer of a single October shipment was $1410 and $1440/ton FOB South Korea respectively, but in the face of the decline of crude oil and naphtha, buyers withdrew from the market to wait and see. In the Asian trading stage, WTI closed at US $103.6, naphtha fell below the US $900/ton mark, and ethylene also fell slightly in the same period. On the downstream side, due to the sluggish demand, ordinary grade PS fell by $20/ton. This week, the offer and transaction were more competitive in dollars/ton CFR Hong Kong/China. Hips transaction price is USD/ton. In the same period, the ABS market fell by $25/ton in USD CFR China. In the domestic market, Jiangsu region closed at yuan, South China negotiated a range of yuan, and delivered the price

European styrene closed down $4 to $per ton on Wednesday. The decline of crude oil and pure benzene made the price of styrene shipments in September and October fall below US $1530/ton during the trading day, and the negotiation range was, for example, 1% to 5%; Then USD/ton FOB Rotterdam. Some merchants said that the delivery price was $1530/ton, and there was a delivery delay fee of $10 for the goods in October. A single shipment in September was traded at US $1550/ton, and the preparation technology of special function/performance glass or inorganic amorphous materials such as optical transmission or imaging; Preparation technology of functional glass such as photoelectric, piezoelectric, laser, radiation resistance, scintillator, electromagnetic and electromagnetic wave shielding; New high strength glass preparation technology; Preparation technology of biochemical functional glass of organism and fixed enzyme; New glass preparation technology of filter, optical fiber panel, optical fiber inverter, X-ray image intensifier microchannel plate; Vacuum glass and online Low-E glass preparation technology are sold to traders by manufacturers. It is reported that the transaction of this order slightly surprised some businesses, because at present, both crude oil and downstream are weak. At the close of trading, the offer fell to US $1530/ton CIF ara

III. local market conditions:

after the resumption of production of Changzhou Xinhu ABS device on August 13, the start-up will not pay much attention to reaching full production. Ac800 offers 15950 yuan/ton for external reference, but the actual transaction is about 200 yuan/ton lower. Recent sales are average, and there is not much inventory. The offer of ac-800 in East China is about 15800 yuan/ton

the external quotation of Zhenjiang Guoheng ABS stabilized. D180 refers to the ex factory quotation of 16400 yuan/ton, D190 refers to the ex factory quotation of 16300 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction price is slightly lower. Recently, the sales are not smooth, the inventory is basically normal, and the operating rate of the device is 50%

the quotation of Ningbo Taihua ABS stabilized. 15a1 reference quotation is 16600 yuan/ton, 12a1 reference quotation is 16600 yuan/ton, and 15e1 reference quotation is 16400 yuan/ton. The inventory is normal, the operating rate of the device is 60%, and the recent sales are average. The offer of 15a1 in Yuyao area is about 16200 yuan/ton

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