The 10000th truck crane of Sany in this year went

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Sany's 10000th truck crane went offline this year

Sany's 10000th truck crane went offline this year This is an important foundation for success. Net China Construction machinery information on November 13, Sany officially rolled off the production line of its 10000th truck crane this year, becoming a new historical milestone. The annual output of more than 10000 sets means that Sany has become a real industry giant, and the pattern of three major brands in the crane market has taken shape

dynamic black notes should be checked regularly from January to 2019; According to the first guarantee data of the industry in September, the head concentration of the crane industry has been nearly 90%. After 10 years of development, Sany's share has steadily increased to 25.8% from less than 5% in 2009

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