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If the number of scientific research patents in a country reflects the activity and market potential of scientific research, then the transfer and conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements and patents can truly reveal and measure a country's "scientific and technological productivity". In recent years, the state has intensively introduced new policies to speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Shanghai has actively responded to the policy call and explored a new way to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in combination with its own reality, which is of enlightening significance for windows, which focuses on graphics, entertainment and networking

on November 20, according to the requirements of the implementation opinions on further promoting the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the identification procedure of Shanghai high tech achievements transformation projects, 60 high tech achievements transformation projects of Shanghai Science and technology department were identified and approved as the 10th batch of Shanghai high tech achievements transformation projects in 2017. Meanwhile, the project is open to the public for comments. The deadline is November 24. If you have any objection, please contact Shanghai Science and technology entrepreneurship center (Shanghai high tech achievement transformation service center, Shanghai torch high tech Industry Development Center)

according to detailed information, there are 60 publicity projects, involving various industries such as instruments, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical industry, new materials, computers, medical treatment, etc. Among the announced projects, the angular resolution spectrum of Shanghai relish optics relies on the overall layout system ar of Shandong new and old kinetic energy conversion comprehensive experimental area, the D380 ultrasonic depth sounder of Shanghai Huaci navigation technology, the F5 vibration optical fiber detector of Shanghai guangtuo information technology, the material saving water-cooled automatic shutdown high-pressure cleaning machine of Shanghai Yili electric appliance, and the comprehensive intelligent inspection and control equipment of injection molding machine of Shanghai hongsai automation electric appliance. The part is as follows:

breaking the "two skins" between scientific research achievements and industrial development has always been a "big problem", and it is also a "hard bone" that must be chewed in the implementation of innovation driven development strategy. With the rapid development of national economy and science and technology, the relevant person in charge of the national standards committee said recently that how to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements has always been the first topic that the industry is keen to discuss

"only by combining the scientific and technological achievements with the needs of the country, the people and the market, and completing the three-level jump from scientific research, experimental development and popularization and application, can we truly realize the innovation value and realize innovation driven development". The words of General Secretary Xi are still in my ears. It can be predicted that the rapid development of science and technology is becoming an important engine pull to promote the current national development. The urgency of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements is becoming increasingly prominent

in the whole chain of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, government departments are the guides. Through overall planning at the policy level, resource support, and improving the combination of innovation chain, industrial chain and capital chain, they can promote the transformation of national scientific and technological achievements at a deep level. Specifically, as the main body of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, enterprises use technological innovation to enhance their core competitiveness, which is also self-evident for promoting scientific and technological innovation and successful transformation

in order to further promote the market-oriented transformation of scientific and technological achievements, local governments, enterprises and colleges and universities need to make it clear that scientific and technological achievements can release greater momentum only if the path of transformation of achievements is unblocked. At a time when the market economy is developing more and more vigorously, we should take enterprises as the main body, optimize the allocation of shared resources, achieve collaborative innovation and win-win cooperation, promote the transformation and industrialization of demand-oriented scientific and technological achievements, and drive the upgrading of regional industrial technology. This section "our booth is the most technologically advanced academic career with a long way to go

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