The 10th anniversary of the founding of the hottes

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The 10th anniversary commemoration conference of China railway construction heavy industry was held in Changsha on the morning of the 28th, the 10th anniversary commemoration conference of China railway construction heavy industry was held in the report hall of Changsha railway construction heavy industry headquarters. Liufeixiang, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of CRCC heavy industries, said at the meeting that we have gone through a 10-year process. It is the passion and spirit of entrepreneurship that have laid the fine tradition and corporate culture of CRCC heavy industries and promoted the rapid development of the enterprise. We should always maintain the spirit of struggle in the early days of the establishment, always keep the sincere heart to the cause, and continue to move forward towards the development goal of "leading in China and first-class in the world"

on the electronic screen above the rostrum, the logo of "China railway construction heavy industry group's 10th anniversary commemoration conference" is eye-catching, and the electronic screen on the back wall of the venue shows the theme of this commemoration activity: "carrying the dream of railway construction and renewing the Huazhang of heavy industry"; At the meeting, the documentary film "the road of struggle", which was launched by China railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd. in the past 10 years, was broadcast. The familiar figures and touching stories were also experienced that the trapezoidal screw was usually used to replace the ball screw, which recalled the good memories of the participants

Secretary of the Party committee of China railway construction heavy industry Liufeixiang, chairman of the board of directors, said: "in the past ten years, the workers of CRCC have worked hard to forge ahead, deduced the story of striving for strength and innovative development with dedication and motivation, created achievements that are proud of the Chinese people and attracting worldwide attention with wisdom and sweat, made due contributions to China's urban rail transit and railway construction, national economic development and social harmony, and left a colorful chapter in the development history of 'made in China'."

liufeixiang said that we should always maintain the spirit of struggle in the early days of the establishment and always maintain the sincere heart to the cause. Facing the future and meeting the challenges, there are at least five valuable experiences that we need to stick to and follow forever. First, innovation and change should become the eternal theme of enterprises; The second is that the executive entrepreneurship should become the eternal state of the enterprise; Thirdly, insisting on the "three systems" reform should become the eternal law of enterprises; Fourth, the fresh air is about to become the eternal atmosphere of the enterprise; Fifth, people-oriented should become the eternal concept of the enterprise

then, Hu Shaofeng, the chief accountant and Secretary of the board of directors of China Railway Communication and signaling Co., Ltd., and the former deputy general manager and chief accountant of China railway construction heavy industry, delivered a speech. He said that no matter where we are, CRCC heavy industry is always our dream place. I sincerely thank the leadership of CRCC heavy industries for inviting us to come back and have a look on the 10th birthday of the group company, so that we can witness the glory of CRCC heavy industries in the past decade

gongdaojun, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and chairman of the labor union of the group company, read out the notice on accelerating the market and promoting the model workers of the group company. The notice pointed out that the group company decided to award 15 comrades including fengdajin the honorary title of "in the future, we will optimize and upgrade these processing and distribution products to become model workers of CRCC heavy industry" and issue honorary certificates and bonuses. Jiayanchun, technical director of the group company and general manager of turnout branch, spoke on behalf of the winners. The current members of the leading group and the previous members of the leading group came to the stage to present awards to the model workers

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