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China railway construction heavy industry turnout branch carries out the 10th anniversary commemoration activities. China railway construction heavy industry turnout branch carries out the 10th anniversary commemoration activities. December 16 is a special day for turnout branch. All employees held a solemn flag raising ceremony at the company's front terrace. On this day ten years ago, turnout branch held a grand foundation laying ceremony here, and set sail from then on. Today, turnout branch is celebrating its 10th birthday

it is reported that since the foundation was laid on december16,2006, the turnout branch, as an important industrial sector of the group company, with the correct leadership and strong support of the group and the joint efforts of all the employees of the branch company, has been cancelled the work responsibility of the small and disorderly pollution enterprise and achieved rapid development. Since the successful trial laying of the first group of turnouts in 2008, The output value of the company has grown from 100million yuan in that year to more than 1.5 billion yuan now. In eight years, the company has achieved a total output value of more than 10.5 billion yuan. Now the turnout branch has caught up with the old companies zhongtieshanqiao and zhongtiebaoqiao, occupying one third of the turnout market in China. At present, it has supplied more than 60 high-speed railways nationwide, and the supply volume of high-speed railways has reached more than 1800 groups. In addition, the company has also made great achievements in rail transit, maintenance market, local road bureau market and overseas market. The company now has a complete structure, mature technology and a strong talent team, which has laid a strong foundation for future development. At the same time, the company has been committed to strengthening itself and forging ahead to build the best turnout production base

during the activity, liangzhijian, deputy secretary of the Party committee, made a keynote speech on the 10th anniversary of the establishment, reviewing the ten-year development path of turnout when it heard the product name. From the start, the fast is to make a series of controllable vibration simulation in the experiment, to overcome difficulties, the turnout Development Decade on artificial skin benefited from "innovation" and "reform". Finally, he concluded with the "craftsman spirit" of "cooperation, research, perseverance, dedication, development, simplicity and unyielding" put forward by jiayanchun, general manager of the branch on the "May 4th" Youth Festival, calling on all employees to cultivate these eight "craftsman spirits" and make greater contributions to the future development of the enterprise

the activity also carried out the picture exhibition of "youth in the 10th anniversary of turnout" and the activity of signing and sending blessings. The employees stopped in front of the display board to look for their own figure, chatting and laughing. It has been ten years. Many people also signed their own blessings on the picture, between the lines, expressing the employees' deep attachment and beautiful expectations for the turnout

the event ended in a peaceful and lively atmosphere. (this article is from China railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd.)

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