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The 10th 6S center of Sany Heavy Industry settled in Anhui Industrial Park. The 10th 6S center of Sany Heavy Industry settled in Anhui Industrial Park. Guided reading: on April 16, against the backdrop of the rising sun and the peach blossom in the sun, Sany Anhui 6S center, located in the industrial park in Luyang District, Hefei, Anhui, welcomed a grand opening ceremony. This is the first time that Sany has built and opened its 6S center in China following the establishment of the 6S center in Guangdong, Xinjiang, Hubei, Jiangsu, Chongqing and other places

on April 16, the Sany Anhui 6S center, located in the industrial park of Luyang District, Hefei, Anhui, welcomed a grand opening ceremony. This is the tenth 6S center built and opened in China after Sany successively established 6S centers in Guangdong, Xinjiang, Hubei, Jiangsu, Chongqing and other places, and it is also the first 6S center in Anhui construction machinery industry

Sany Anhui 6S center opening ceremony cutting ceremony

Sany Anhui 6S center

the Anhui 6S store was full of guests

2006, Sany took the lead in introducing the concept of 6S center into construction machinery. On March 18 of that year, Sany established Sany Guangzhou 6S center in YUNPU Industrial Park, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, known as "the first shop of China's construction machinery", which caused a sensation in the industry. Yi Xiaogang, executive president of Sany Heavy Industry, said that the introduction of the concept of 6S center is a major measure of strategic significance for Sany to build a world-class construction machinery brand. 6S center can integrate and optimize various resources to become an open and efficient communication platform connecting Sany and customers, so that customers can enjoy one-stop worry free service. In the following years, Sany Heavy Industry built a 6S center nationwide with great boldness, so that customers can easily enjoy the highest quality assurance in any part of the country because the friction of the device mainly affects the accuracy of recording

it is reported that the Sany 6S center, which is opened in Anhui Province and is easy to process products of various shapes and structures, covers an area of 35 mu. Now, pumping, road machinery, excavator, crane, pile driver and other business units have settled in. As the first construction machinery 6S center in Anhui, it provides indispensable hardware and software support for accelerating the growth of Sany in Anhui. At the same time, each enterprise in the zone has launched unique and competitive products. The establishment and application of 6S center will also provide the most powerful platform for Sany to build a service brand with more core competitive advantages

sunguoliang, chairman of Anhui Sany Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd., introduced: "Hefei is a place where construction machinery is relatively developed and developed early. Last year, the smart composite material market will reach US $875million in 2020. Hefei's GDP ranks fourth in the country, and the sales of construction machinery should also rank among the top five in the country. In recent years, Sany has actively participated in the construction of many key projects in Anhui and invested heavily in infrastructure projects in Anhui. The newly opened 6S center in Anhui integrates Sany product lines The six in one sales service functions of vehicle sales, spare parts supply, after-sales service, information feedback, product display and professional training will bring new and all-round experience to customers in Anhui and make customers fully feel the new service mode of "one specialty, all-round and one stop worry free"

the unveiling ceremony of E series of Sany brand day of Anhui station

on the day of opening of Anhui 6S center, there was no cloud and the sky was as clean as a wash; At the activity site of Luyang Industrial Park in Hefei, balloons were flying high and colorful flags were flying. It was a festival scene. Sany Anhui 6S Center welcomes the "e generation Tianjiao" in the most solemn way. "E-generation Tianjiao" has also added a strong color to the opening ceremony of Sany Anhui 6S center

among the guests present, both new and old customers of Sany and experts in the concrete industry gave high praise to this grand event of Sany. Mr. Wang Yan, vice chairman of Hefei Photography Association, came here with his beloved camera and captured the highlights of this activity with groups of vivid lenses. In the interview, teacher Wang Yan said in a humorous way: "I only heard of the 4S center before, but today I know that there is a 6S center. Looking at such a large scale and posture from a distance, I thought it was a foreign-funded enterprise. When I came closer, I knew it was our own national enterprise. Today, I didn't come in vain. It seems that the works participating in the Luyang Industrial Park photography competition have been settled. The blue sky and the red boom held high together are like a set of beautiful staff. I've never seen such a high pump before As a photographer, I will never let go of such beautiful and exquisite cars. "

e generation Tianjiao steel arch

e generation Tianjiao wants to compare with the heavenly test

e generation Tianjiao staff in the sky

the "e generation Tianjiao" cries out Sany people's persistent pursuit of "everything comes from innovation" under the blue sky; The fully functional Anhui 6S center under Baiyun has sung the eternal melody of "everything for customers". It is Sany people who uphold the concept of R & D innovation and service innovation. All innovations are carried out around the needs of customers, which will win today's praise and achieve today's Sany

Hujun, deputy director of Sany group business planning headquarters, said with emotion: "I think there are three reasons why we can win the trust of our customers and make our modest contribution to the construction of key projects in Anhui: 1. The value and strength of our brand; 2. The first-class products we have developed. At today's brand day event, we have presented our newly developed 'generation e Tianjiao' pumping series products to our customers; 3. First-class services, just like the 6S center in Anhui The group has invested tens of millions of yuan to build a marketing service platform in Anhui market, which is the first of its kind in the industry. It is also the only one in Anhui market so far. "

yesterday's beautiful movement, today and in the past, only the most brilliant melody is remembered; Yesterday's bright painting scene can only recall the most dazzling chapter in the past and present. When the curtain falls, the prosperity is gone. Looking back, I feel the warmth of Sany Anhui 6S center trying to serve every customer and sany's ambition to change the world with "e generation Tianjiao" quality

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