The 100000 ton methanol plant of the hottest Dagan

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The 100000 ton methanol plant of Dagang has won the excellent construction project award. Recently, it was learned from relevant units that the installation project of the 100000 ton/year dimethyl ether methanol plant of Dagang group, which was installed by the 14th construction company of China Chemical Engineering, was awarded the honorary title of "excellent construction project Award" of the national chemical industry in 2010 by the National Chemical Engineering Construction Quality Award Review Committee

the team said that they had conducted early experiments. It is understood that the 100000 t/a methanol plant of the dimethyl ether project of Dagang group is the first chemical plant of Dagang group to produce methanol by using the existing coke oven gas, converter corrosion resistance (Experiment in solution) and other gas. It is also the first set of methanol production by comprehensive utilization of coke oven gas and converter gas in China in recent years, which has been filled and printed out; The blank of domestic converter gas to methanol plant has made a historic step in the comprehensive utilization of industrial waste gas in the national iron and steel industry

the installation project of this unit is mainly undertaken by the 14th construction company of China Chemical Engineering, and the construction of the unit has taken one and a half years. Under the careful installation and commissioning of the 14th Chemical Construction Co., Ltd. and the unremitting efforts of all employees, the methanol plant was successfully started at one time. Crude methanol was produced at 16:00 on May 12, 2009, and refined methanol was successfully produced at 21:00 on May 13, 2009

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