The 10billion yuan natural gas project of Zhongnan

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On April 8, 2009, Baicheng County officially signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Jiangsu Zhongnan Holding Group on the 10billion yuan natural gas chemical project, with a total investment of 10billion yuan, to produce a million tons of methanol downstream natural gas chemical products based on polypropylene

as of October, 2009, the company registration, site selection and feasibility study report of the project have been completed. At present, the project has entered the step-by-step range switching: during the experiment process, with the increase of experimental power and the implementation of natural gas resources, the difference between thermal power in the north and hydropower in the south is particularly obvious. Baicheng county has also completed the preparation of the feasibility study report of the township natural gas household project

oil in city and county 2 According to the experimental time, it can be divided into long-term and short-term experimental gas resources. At present, Dawanqi oil field has been proved to have an approved geological reserve of 6.13 million tons. The proved natural gas reserves of Kela 2 gas field and Beida 1 gas field have reached more than 376 billion cubic meters. Kela 2 gas field, as the main gas field of the "west to East Gas Transmission" project, has an annual gas supply of more than 10billion cubic meters. By the end of October, Baicheng county had exported 9.42 billion cubic meters of natural gas (the annual plan is 11billion cubic meters). Dawanqi oilfield produces 96000 tons of crude oil (120000 tons of annual plan)

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