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Yuchai call center built an efficient service platform on the 10th anniversary of its establishment

Yuchai call center built an efficient service platform on the 10th anniversary of its establishment

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10 years ago, Yuchai call center was established, and Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuchai) became the second enterprise in the machinery industry to establish a call center after BAIC Foton. Subsequently, Yuchai call center officially obtained the 95098 customer service short number approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, and Yuchai Co., Ltd. became the first and only enterprise approved to use the five digit short number in the domestic manufacturing industry

10 years, Yuchai call center set up 60 seats, the total traffic jumped from 441153 times in 2009 to 545733 times in 2013, the total receiving flux climbed from 65532 times in 2004 to 399284 times in 2013, and the daily traffic reached more than 5000 times... It has strong executive power to serve users and the company

10 years, Yuchai call center has served numerous users and won awards

peihaijun, director of the customer service center of Yuchai stock sales company, said, "every enterprise is providing services, and there are services, so where does the gap come from? I don't think there are any superb skills among them, which all come from being practical, diligent and strong in execution". "When it comes to Yuchai call center, I can sum it up as follows: closed loop tracking, quality monitoring, 24-hour smooth flow, and all manual answers."

"the service concept of the call center is' when you say it must be done, when you do it, it must be excellent '. The service working principles are' first due diligence system (no asking, first service) 'and' first asking responsibility system (who accepts it, who implements it)." He further introduced: "Compared with technicians, call center operators do not have rich professional knowledge, but they need to deal with a variety of technical problems. What do they rely on? Process management. First, if a user calls for service, the call center will return to the user within one hour to understand the service. Second, if any quality problem is received, the output of the item will depend on the size of the equipment model within 24 hours. The fund will obtain industry support Notify relevant departments of the company. Third, in response to complaints, 100% assessment of relevant personnel. At the same time, the call center holds a morning meeting every day to point out the shortcomings of the operators in dealing with problems. In addition, all calls are recorded so that the quality of handling problems can be checked at any time. "

such a strong executive team has made outstanding contributions to Yuchai Machinery. So far, Yuchai's aftermarket has reached about 3.5 billion yuan, which is inseparable from the engine itself and the efficient after-sales service. Among them, the call center is an important part

"As a platform for communicating with users, the call center will transfer the received information within 24 hours, form a special report on quality problems every day and send it to the company's leaders, and immediately transfer the sales information to the corresponding office. 2. The problem of experimental itinerary. At present, the call center receives about 1000 inquiries about the price and purchase method of accessories every month. It can be seen that the call center Sales of parts and so on are very helpful. In addition to these passive work, we also take the initiative to carry out work. For example, the '3+2' campaign was launched this year. " Peihaijun said. After 10 years of comprehensive upgrading of system and personnel, Yuchai call center is also facing new challenges while full of harvest

"the fourth national truck service is the focus of our work this year. The fourth national truck adopts an electronic control engine and adds an after-treatment system, which will greatly improve the requirements for personnel skills. In addition, according to the design, the average sales of 10000 engines will require an additional traffic seat, and Yuchai's annual sales will reach more than 500000 units. Therefore, in the next step, we will enrich the staff team and plan to reach 50~80 seats in 1~2 years." He said: "the new employees mainly come from two parts, one is to recruit directly from colleges and universities, and the other is to attract service managers. These two groups have rich professional knowledge reserves, which can better serve the four times of the country." Peihaijun said

the system is upgraded at the same time as personnel recruitment. "System upgrade is indispensable for more proactive service." Peihaijun explained: "Yuchai machine has huge customer resources. If the call center wants to actively tap user needs and sales potential, it must master user data and demand information, which all need system support."

the call center has already started this work

"In terms of routine business upgrading, we are developing a set of fault expert database, including fault principles, inspection methods, cases, etc., for use by telephone operators, service stations, offices and headquarters. At the same time, we plan to establish an app Jiecheng service manager, so that users can directly request services through the app. In addition, there are functions such as information query, fault repair and so on. This work will make great progress this year. This paper touches on the typical parts in the interior In terms of customer care, we have equipped e steward to send the engine and vehicle working conditions back to Yuchai in real time, and then judge whether there is a fault according to these data. If a fault is detected, we will take the initiative to contact the user. In terms of marketing, we want to establish an e-commerce platform associated with the service station, which is mainly developed in the field of advanced lubricants and accessories and connected with the customer service center. This work is already under way and will be launched in 2015. " Peihaijun said: "the workload of each plan is very large, and it is systematic development."

there is no doubt that these efforts will make Yuchai call center a more efficient service platform, benefit more users, and make Yuchai machine closer to the market

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