Expert analysis room decoration knowledge

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In people's eyes, the bedroom is very valued. The bedroom is the best space for people to rest and be alone after a day of intense work. It should have quiet and warm characteristics. From material selection, color, indoor lighting layout to indoor object decoration, it should be carefully designed

I. material selection

Suibao mattress

(1) the bedroom should choose decoration materials with good sound absorption and sound insulation, soft and fine touch and beautiful cloth stickers, and carpets with heat preservation and sound absorption functions are ideal choices for the bedroom. Cold and hard materials such as marble, granite and floor tiles are not suitable for bedrooms

(2) translucent window screens or double lace curtains with good shading, heat resistance, heat preservation and sound insulation should be selected

(3) if the bedroom is equipped with a bathroom, the characteristics of carpet and wooden floor that are afraid of moisture should be considered, so the floor of the bedroom should be slightly higher than the bathroom, or a threshold should be set between the bedroom and the bathroom with marble and floor tiles to prevent moisture




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