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Someone asked what the decoration style of the balcony is, in fact, this question should not be asked, because the home decoration is a whole, and the decoration style of the balcony is naturally consistent with the decoration style of the living room, bedroom and so on. It is suspected of "splitting" to carry out the balcony alone

someone asked about the decoration style of the balcony. In fact, this question should not be asked, because the home decoration is a whole, and the decoration style of the balcony is naturally consistent with the decoration style of the living room, bedroom and so on. It is “ Split ” Suspect

however, now that you have asked, let's say:

◆ Chinese style &mdash& mdash; Dialogue through time and space

first of all, we must mention our Chinese style. If you are very fond of Chinese classical culture, you must not miss the antique and lingering Chinese style

the representative of Chinese style is the design and modeling of classical traditional furniture in Ming and Qing Dynasties and Chinese garden architecture and color. It is characterized by symmetry, simplicity, simplicity, elegant style and rich cultural connotation. Chinese style furniture reflects the owner's high aesthetic taste and social status

set up a small tea table on the balcony, enjoy flowers and tea, and one can be at ease. It's even more wonderful if three friends visit. Make a pot of fragrant tea, chat with friends, and laugh about ancient and modern times

design elements: rockeries, bonsai, lanterns, tea tables, etc.

◆ pastoral style &mdash& mdash; I want to pick chrysanthemums

Tao Yuanming has a poem:

Jielu is in the human world, but there is no noise of cars and horses

ask you, how can you? The heart is far away from itself

picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence, you can see Nanshan leisurely

the mountain air is good day and night, and the birds return to each other

there is truth in it. If you want to distinguish, you have forgotten to say

shuttling through the reinforced concrete every day, the distance from the natural countryside is becoming more and more distant, but the longing for the pastoral scenery has always been hidden in my heart. Just because of this opportunity, it's better to decorate the balcony into an idyllic style

balcony decoration focuses on the matching of soft decoration. If you want to get a great pastoral effect, you need to work hard on soft decoration. It's best to use wood floors for an idyllic balcony, set up a few hanging chairs, then hang the flowerpot with a grille, and finally match it with some vigorous vines, and then enjoy breathing in the green sandbar

design elements: flowerpots, rattan frames, hanging chairs, wood floors, etc.

◆ simple style &mdash& mdash; Later, I realized that simplicity is true

simple style should be the decoration style with the highest appearance rate, and the balcony with simple style is naturally indispensable. In fact, from a practical point of view, simple style balcony is the best choice. Simple style has a strong sense of overall design. Simple but not simple, natural and simple lines can create a unique style. The most important thing is that the simple style abandons excessive decoration, and the zoning design is more reasonable, which can highlight the practicality of home life

seeing flowers all over the world is not as good as you

design elements: metal, glass, simple furniture, fashionable soft clothing

◆ simple European style &mdash& mdash; I know the romance of Paris

when it comes to European style, it always gives people a sense of high-end atmosphere and grade. If you want to decorate the balcony in European style, you'd better have a large area, otherwise don't try it easily. European style decoration is mainly dark, supplemented by light colors, which is very heavy, and the simplified European style is more in line with Chinese aesthetics

therefore, it is actually a simple European style

the simple European style, from simple to complex, from overall to local, is carefully carved, and inlaid with flowers and gold, giving the impression of meticulousness. On the one hand, it retains the general style of materials and colors, and can still strongly feel the traditional historical traces and rich cultural heritage. At the same time, it discards the overly complex texture and decoration, and simplifies the lines

sitting on the simple European style balcony, looking up at the square inch sky, a ray of sunshine and a cup of coffee add romance to the leisurely life

design elements: wooden tables and chairs, crystal lights, decorative paintings, carpets, etc.

◆ Mediterranean style &mdash& mdash; The blue you see is really blue

the beauty of Mediterranean style, including “ Sea ” And “ Days ” Bright colors, white walls washed by water, the aroma of lavender, rose and jasmine, the colors of flower fields beside the road, ancient buildings with a long history, and strong national colors intertwined with khaki and reddish brown

How about ? Are you moved by these descriptions? If you like blue, the sea and exotic customs, you might as well try the Mediterranean style balcony

design elements: lime mud walls, continuous arcades and arches, ceramic bricks, sea blue tiles, doors and windows, etc.

◆ Japanese style &mdash& mdash; In fact, Tokyo is really hot.

in Japanese interior design, the color is more emphasis on log color, as well as the color of bamboo, rattan, hemp and other natural materials, forming a simple natural style. Japanese design pays attention to the flow and separation of space. The flow is a room, and the separation is divided into several functional spaces. The space can always make people think quietly

if you want to know whether Tokyo is hot or not, you'd better feel it yourself

design elements: tatami, Japanese tea table, log colored furniture, etc.

said so many balcony decoration styles, in fact, they are just those home styles. Which of these styles do you like





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