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Changzhou: accelerating the pilot demonstration construction and building a national first-class smart manufacturing city

manufacturing has always been the foundation of Changzhou's development. In recent years, Changzhou has always adhered to building a city with industry, manufacturing and quality, vigorously implemented the "made in China 2025 Changzhou action plan", accelerated the development of the manufacturing industry in the direction of high-end, intelligent, green, service-oriented and branding, and spared no effort to build an upgraded version of the "industrial star city"

anchor goals and strive to be the first.

first, policy guidance has achieved remarkable results. Since 2013, Changzhou has implemented the "Trinity" transformation and upgrading development strategy of industrial economy: promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries through the "double hundred" action plan, developing strategic emerging industries through the construction of advantageous industrial chains, and improving scientific and technological innovation capabilities by cultivating "ten hundred thousand" innovative enterprises. Over the past three years, a total of more than 2000 equipment purchase subsidy projects have been supported, 147 "machine replacement" demonstration projects have been supported, and 256 first sets (sets) and demonstration applications in the city have been recognized and rewarded. Indirect production has been promoted. Due to the deformation and elongation of samples in tensile tests, nearly 70billion yuan has been invested in equipment, which has effectively improved the intelligent manufacturing level of enterprises

among them, Changzhou Archie Shamir Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has made remarkable achievements in the field of intelligent manufacturing, successfully developed intelligent products such as EDM machine tools, high-speed and high-power precision milling machining centers, multi axis linkage high-speed precision milling machining centers in the plan, and made every effort to build a production center for high-end CNC machine tools

second, the foundation of equipment manufacturing has been continuously consolidated. According to the principle of "limited goals and key breakthroughs", Changzhou focuses on the development of intelligent equipment manufacturing and new material industry led by advanced carbon materials. In 2016, the output value of above designated industries reached 1.23 trillion yuan, and the equipment manufacturing industry accounted for more than 40%. More than 100 products have reached the world's advanced level, with more than 200 "invisible champions" in domestic and foreign industries

third, the intelligent manufacturing system is gradually improved. Changzhou was the first to establish an intelligent manufacturing promotion alliance in Jiangsu to explore that service providers + covestro materials that should have excellent plasticity, transparency, lightness and impact resistance can use "1+n" collaborative operation models such as enterprises, scientific research institutions and capital while realizing the sense of automotive design. It has established more than 20 new R & D institutions for intelligent manufacturing, accelerated the cultivation of local intelligent manufacturing service providers such as Boling information and qiangpu intelligence, introduced enterprises such as digital Dafang, and cooperated with the National Academy of Mechanical Sciences to build the only intelligent manufacturing system integration experience verification platform in China. Vigorously promote international science and technology cooperation parks such as China Israel, China Germany and China Finland, and accelerate the gathering of advanced technologies and high-end industries of intelligent manufacturing at home and abroad

fourth, intelligent equipment has developed rapidly. Changzhou has given full play to the advantages of the strong foundation of the equipment industry, and has formed a number of new intelligent equipment industry clusters through independent research and development, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, project attraction and so on. In 2016, enterprises above the scale of intelligent CNC and robot achieved a main business income of 27.38 billion yuan, and the output value of sensors and related products was about 14 billion yuan. In addition, Changzhou National High tech Zone has more than 100 sensor and related enterprises, including more than 40 backbone enterprises above designated size

fifth, the whole process of intelligent manufacturing application is promoted. Statistics show that the proportion of enterprises in Changzhou that have the conditions to explore intelligent manufacturing is 9.8%, and that in the country is 5.1%. According to the survey of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size, in the application of intelligent equipment, the automation rate of Changzhou production equipment has reached 58.75%, and the connection rate of digital production equipment has reached 39.5%; In terms of interconnected collaborative manufacturing, the proportion of enterprises to carry out product life cycle management, remote, collaborative design and manufacturing has reached about 30%; In terms of intelligent manufacturing demonstration, which allows manufacturers to provide installation assistance, it has 1 national intelligent manufacturing demonstration project, 43 provincial recognized demonstration intelligent workshops, and 66 municipal recognized intelligent workshops (factories)

new starting point, new hope

in the next stage, Changzhou will seize the opportunity of the pilot demonstration of the "made in China 2025" Southern Jiangsu urban agglomeration, take intelligent manufacturing as the biggest starting point for revitalizing the real economy, and strive to build a national first-class intelligent manufacturing city. Strive to achieve a self-sufficiency rate of parts and components of complete machine products in key industries of more than 70% within three years, implement 30 internationally advanced high-end product R & D and industrialization projects, build 3 to 5 technical basic service platforms with high professional level and strong support, and significantly improve the reliability, consistency and stability of basic parts and components and basic materials; More than 100 municipal intelligent workshops were built and 100 intelligent manufacturing creation projects were implemented. The numerical control rate of key processes reached 50%, and the popularity of digital R & D and design tools reached 75%

first, focus on improving the characteristics of innovative industries. Implement six three-year action plans, including intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, service-oriented manufacturing, quality brand and innovation ability, vigorously promote "manufacturing + intelligence", "manufacturing + networking" and "manufacturing + service", and promote the transformation from "made in Changzhou" to "made in Changzhou" with the deep integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing industry as the starting point. Promote the transformation of enterprises from providing products to providing products and services, and actively promote the transformation of enterprises to brand operators, system integrators, engineering contractors, solution providers and after-sales service providers

second, increase development advantages with major projects. Increase the introduction of intelligent equipment and intelligent manufacturing projects, and improve the level of intelligent manufacturing with effective investment. By 2020, the investment in technological transformation of enterprises will account for more than 65% of industrial investment, the main technical equipment of key industries will reach the international advanced level, and the automation rate of basic manufacturing will be greatly increased. Promote the construction of smart factories and intelligent workshops, and promote a number of "robot demonstration applications" and the first major equipment (sets) and key components projects

third, we should focus on innovation to strengthen intelligence and create energy levels. Solidly promote the construction of "one core, two zones and multiple parks" innovative parks, and vigorously improve the ability of independent innovation and integrated application. Highlight the construction of international cooperation parks such as China Israel and China Germany, and speed up the construction of innovation platforms such as the provincial intelligent equipment industry technology innovation center. Highlight the dominant position of enterprises in innovation, and cultivate a number of intelligent equipment innovation leading enterprises with strong competitiveness

fourth, the overall improvement is based on the pilot demonstration belt. Explore and establish Changzhou mode of intelligent manufacturing, breakthrough of high-end equipment, integrated development of manufacturing and interconnection, and industrial cluster development. Accelerate the application of advanced manufacturing technologies such as industrial robots and additive manufacturing in key industries and enterprises, and accelerate the construction of an interconnected manufacturing model represented by digital manufacturing, content services, and platform economy, so as to plug in both wings for the development of Changzhou's manufacturing industry

fifth, promote intelligent development with policy support. Optimize the "Trinity" policy and scientific and technological innovation policy of industrial economy, increase support for intelligent manufacturing projects, focus on supporting the R & D and innovation of the first (set) major technical equipment and key components, and support the construction of intelligent factories and workshops. Enterprises are encouraged to set up and introduce various intelligent manufacturing development funds

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