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North valve and China Switzerland held the "first autumn basketball friendship match"

at 6 p.m. on September 22, the "first autumn basketball friendship match" between North valve basketball team and China Switzerland basketball team was held in the sports center of China Switzerland hotel management school

at 6 p.m. on September 22, the "first autumn basketball friendly match" between the North valve basketball team and the China Switzerland basketball team was held in the sports center of the China Switzerland hotel management school

under the leadership of team leader zhangronghua, 12 North valve basketball players in uniform and a large number of cheerleaders composed of the company's management, employees and family members bravely stepped into the game, causing teachers and students to take up frequent attention. Zhongrui hotel management school also attached great importance to this competition, and arranged two professional referees and several teachers and students to assist

on the field, the athletes of both sides actively participated and fought tenaciously in the spirit of "friendship first, competition second". The game was very intense. From the moment the referee threw the ball up in the midfield, everyone began to compete actively. There was only one goal, goal! They sometimes dribble through people, sometimes if they can continue to make breakthroughs in technology during running, sometimes pass the ball, sometimes compete for rebounds, sometimes three-step layups, have confidence, dream, struggle, dedicated life, etc. every breathtaking goal is the crystallization of collective cooperation and efforts of the team, and every goal also attracts cheers and applause from the cheerleaders. Seeing that the North valve team is behind, Everyone spontaneously and collectively cheered for the North valve team, "North valve team, come on! North valve team, come on!". Sweat gradually soaked their clothes, and their breathing gradually became faster and faster. The pace under their feet was not as vigorous as at the beginning, but the team members did not let the customers rest assured that we could rest assured that we would not be discouraged because the score had fallen behind, nor lazy because of huge physical exertion. We have only one belief, that is - persistence

the game lasted 1.5 hours. After the game, the players of both sides shook hands and took a group photo

the competition is not the purpose. The purpose is to hone a team of "fight as soon as you come and win". Through this competition, Japan Steel in East China lowered the coke purchase price by 30 yuan/ton. We see our own weaknesses and the strength of our opponents

"North valve team, come on!" This is the aspiration of all "beivalve people". I hope that through many experiences, the beivalve team can grow rapidly, and let this indomitable and enterprising spirit burn through the whole beivalve team

finally, I would like to thank all the teachers and students of Zhongrui Hotel Management School for their support and assistance to this competition, as well as all the cheerleaders who cheer for the North valve team

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