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Beijing No.2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beijing No.2 Machine Tool Plant Co., Ltd.), we have to mention its long development history and rich enterprise heritage. It was restructured from the former Beijing No.2 Machine Tool Factory, which was founded in 1953. It is one of the 18 Arhats famous in China's industry. It is also the executive director unit of China Machine Tool Industry Association, the vice chairman unit of the grinder branch, the excellent member enterprise of China machine tool industry and the national high-tech enterprise

in the field of machine tools, Beier machine tool has invested many years of painstaking research and innovative technology. At present, it has modern processing equipment such as pentahedron, six station horizontal machining center, CNC gantry guide grinding machine, ultra-high precision grinding machine, flexible production line of box parts, student high-precision compound grinding machine, and is equipped with British LK coordinate measuring instrument, Taylor high-precision roundness instrument, renisha dual frequency laser interferometer and other testing instruments, with manufacturing The construction area of the assembly plant is more than 19000 square meters, of which the temperature control area is 7000 square meters

nowadays, the main business of Beier machine tool includes the development, production and sales of CNC grinding machines and high-precision cylindrical grinding machines, ordinary precision cylindrical grinding machines, special grinding machines, camshaft grinding machines, superfinishing machines, vertical and horizontal machining centers, complete sets of equipment, machine tool accessories, functional components, and the provision of professional services such as machine tool maintenance, maintenance, machining, etc. Among them, CNC (end face) cylindrical grinding machines, high-precision cylindrical grinding machines, ordinary precision cylindrical grinding machines and ultra precision machining machines are at the leading level in China. The products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, military industry, automobile, shipbuilding, textile, electronics, bearings, metallurgy, machine tools, engineering machinery and other industries, and enjoy a high reputation among the majority of users

in recent years, the tide of interconnection has swept the manufacturing industry. Many established enterprises in the machine tool industry choose to look for new opportunities in the machine tool industry through interconnection, hoping to achieve new development of enterprises through interconnection. Among them, as a representative who is determined to innovate and brave to be a pioneer, Beier machine tool has actively embraced interconnection and promoted the production and marketing development of enterprises with interconnection technology. Recently, after many comparisons and long-term investigation, Beier machine tool chose to continue to sign up for China Machine Tool commerce, become a top member of machine tool commerce, and explore a new path of network marketing of Beier machine tool together with machine tool commerce

machine tool business has been cooperating with Beier machine tool for many years. Over the years, the machine tool business has witnessed the development situation of Beier machine tool in terms of precision, reliability, honest service, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. It also continues to help Beier machine tool improve its network popularity, expand its brand influence, perfectly present Beier machine tool in front of the majority of friends, and make the image of Beier machine tool more popular

Founded in 2005, China Machine Tool Commerce () is an authoritative network media in the machine tool industry and a portal for the large machine tool industry. China Machine Tool commerce is a station under Zhejiang Xingwang Baoming Tongluo company. Based on the operation of the industry for more than 9 years, China Machine Tool commerce has accumulated excellent service experience and huge customer resources. It has 400000 individual registered members and more than 38000 enterprise members, covering more than 30 provinces and cities and 28 countries and regions across the country, with an average daily page views (PV) of more than 1million. Relying on the rich information service experience and strong strength in the Internet field of Zhejiang Xingwang Baoming Tongluo Co., Ltd., it has become a high-quality professional station in the machine tool industry

facing the increasing customer group, China machine tool business has put forward higher requirements for itself. It is hoped that through its own platform, it will provide all customers and partners with more accurate, timely and comprehensive information and services, and form a good atmosphere in which China's machine tool business can get ferrite + carbide and win-win cooperation with member units. As a member of China machine tool business, the higher the level, the richer the benefits. As a high-quality Baidu source in the machine tool industry, China's machine tool business has a huge influence

during the cooperation, Beier machine tool enjoyed many businesses in China's machine tool business, such as top member shops, keyword optimization, purchase information, station design, enterprise reporting, product promotion and so on. In the process of the flexible rope connection between the suspenders and rings of the cooperation between the two sides, Beier machine tool actively participated in the network promotion process, and paid great attention to the enterprise brand promotion and industry optimization. Through the efforts of publishing information, uploading product pictures and other aspects, it is believed that Beier machine tool will achieve more satisfactory results in the field of Internet sales

finally, I would like to congratulate Beijing No.2 Machine Tool Plant Co., Ltd. once again on becoming a top member of China's machine tool business. In the future, we believe that Beier machine tool will continue to work hard to provide users with sophisticated manufacturing equipment and high-quality product services, and become a world-famous Chinese high-quality brand manufacturing and service supplier of high-precision cylindrical grinder, CNC cylindrical grinder and ultra precision machining machine tools

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