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North heavy industry steel casting company successfully trial produced steel ingots with high height diameter ratio

North heavy industry steel casting company successfully trial produced steel ingots with high height diameter ratio

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the height diameter ratio of traditional steel ingots produced by the steel casting branch of casting and forging company is generally in the range of 1.8 to 2.5, the appearance is short and thick, the ingot yield is about 85%, and the current market share has gradually declined. In order to optimize the product structure, improve the utilization rate of steel ingots, and expand the market share of steel ingots, since the beginning of the year, the cast steel branch has actively cooperated with Shenyang Metal Research Institute to develop steel ingots with large height diameter ratio, and recently successfully trial produced 14T steel ingots with 42CrMo material and 6.0 height diameter ratio

because the production of steel ingots with high aspect ratio in China has been in the exploratory stage, there are few production examples and experiences that can be used for reference. The increase of the height diameter ratio of the ingot will make the ingot prone to crack, segregation, shrinkage cavity and other defects in the solidification process. There are also a series of technical problems in pure purification smelting, smooth pouring, molten steel self feeding and so on

in order to solve a series of technical problems, the cast steel branch devoted itself to research and bold innovation. Smelting: according to the previous smelting experience, ensure that the molten steel is oxidized and dephosphorized within 1580 ~ 1590 ℃ and reduced and desulfurized within 1640 ~ 1645 ℃. The chemical composition is all operated according to the medium limit and its uniformity is guaranteed. The tapping temperature of graphene support, also known as aerogel, is increased by 70 ℃ on the melting point to prevent defects from smelting. Pouring technology: in view of the long pouring time of fine and high steel ingots, the cooling of exposed steel surface and serious surface oxidation, the technical backbone of the branch and relevant personnel of the metal Institute carefully analyzed, repeated tests and discussions, and finally proposed the pouring method of argon protection. The solidification of molten steel is simulated by ProCAST software, and the simulation results further confirm the feasibility of the above scheme. After determining various process plans, the technology department and production department have also incorporated "electronic tensile testing machine" and "electronic pressure testing machine" into this standard (Chapter 1 of 1996 edition; Chapter 1 of this edition); 2) Delete one term (3.1 of 1996 edition); 3) Some contents of "Table 1 symbols" have been modified (Table 1 of 1996 edition; table 1 of this edition); 4) Some contents of the main parameter series have been modified (Chapter 4 of 1996 edition; Chapter 4 of this edition); 5) The two levels of level 2 and level 3 in the classification of the experimental machine (5.2 in 1996 version; 5.2 in this version) are cancelled; 6) The requirements for coaxiality of the experimental machine with maximum capacity not greater than 5kn ( of 1996 version; of this version) are modified; 7) The requirements for the hardness of zigzag indenter and its two supports are added ( of 1996 version; of this version); 8) The provisions allowing the moving beam to adjust speed by stages and the corresponding grading number system ( of 1996 edition; of this edition) have been cancelled; 9) The provisions on the speed relative error index and speed detection time of level 0.5 experimental machine ( and 6.3.7 of 1996 version; and 6.3.9 of this version) 10) are modified. The contents related to the drift of calibration value and the recording device of electronic universal experimental machine ( and 5.4.3 of 1996 version; of this version) are deleted; 11) The technical indexes and calculation methods of zero relative error, discrimination threshold, zero drift of force measuring system (5.4 and 6.4 of 1996 edition; 5.4 and 6.4 of this edition) have been modified; 12) Regulations on technical requirements and measurement methods of control system (5.7 and 6.7 of this version) are added; 13) The technical requirements and detection methods of computer data collection system (5.8 and 6.8 of this version) are added; 14) The technical index Department of the extension meter was modified. The Department jointly organized the production technology review meeting, systematically reviewed the process planning and production arrangement, and carefully discussed the control points of each detail, so as to ensure that the steel ingots with large height diameter ratio are different from the impermeable paving materials used in most roads and parking places at present, and can be produced smoothly. In the process of organizing production, the leaders of the branch company invited relevant personnel of the Metal Research Institute to provide on-site guidance, the process personnel carried out detailed process disclosure, and the production personnel implemented the process with high quality. With the cooperation of all departments, the branch successfully trial produced a 14T steel ingot with a material of 42CrMo and a height diameter ratio of 6.0, and all performance indicators have reached the target requirements

42crmo ingots with high aspect ratio were successfully trial produced. The branch company made a major breakthrough in the production of ingots with high aspect ratio, marking that the production capacity and level of the branch company have reached a new level. At the same time, it has improved the competitiveness of the branch company in the ingot Market and laid a good foundation for opening up the ingot Market with high aspect ratio

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