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Northeast Jilin Changchun nursery stock market: abnormal weather and poor market

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core tip: core tip: this year, Changchun has strengthened the audit requirements for projects and increased the audit frequency, resulting in many government departments and greening units are unwilling to act rashly, And this year's local climate is abnormal: Summer

this year, Changchun strengthened the audit requirements for the project and increased the audit frequency, resulting in many government departments and greening units are unwilling to act rashly, and this year's local climate is abnormal: summer is dry and rainy, and October ushered in early snow. Drought has a great impact on nursery production and project quality, and drought death has occurred; Affected by the early snow, the current night temperature hovers around zero degrees Celsius, and the amount of walking in the nursery is not large

during this period, the sales in Changchun mainly focused on seedlings that can lift soil balls and container seedlings, and the sales of arbors basically did not start until the end of November. The current market is not very clear. Judging from the market situation this spring, the purchase and sale of arbors are still dominated by Mongolian oak, yellow locust, Manchurian ash, Mongolian Scotch pine and other mountain seedlings with breast height diameters of 10 cm to 20 cm

ink "> the three yaqiao trees, red leaf plum, purple leaf thick plum and royal Begonia, usually use the dart impact method in the flexible packaging industry. The supply of wood species around Changchun has obviously exceeded the demand. At present, the DBH of these three tree species with a diameter of 5 cm is about 200 yuan per plant. In another state, in 2012 and in the spring of 2013, it was 270 yuan to 280 yuan per plant, and this spring, it fell to about 220 yuan per plant.

the supply of container seedlings in golden leaf elm greenhouse is also oversupplied, and in spring At that time, about one third of the nurseries in Jilin area, ink "> the price has fallen. At present, the container golden leaf elm with a height of 60 cm and 15 cm and 15 cm is about 1.2 yuan per plant, which is close to the cost price. Last year, it was generally sold for 1.4 yuan to 1.5 yuan per plant.

on the other hand, due to the widespread planting of golden leaf elm, red leaf plum and other tree species by growers some time ago, the current supply of small shrubs such as pearl Spiraea, wax, Red Prince ribbon, hydrangea, Forsythia suspensa is scarce. This spring, wax, pearl embroidery It is not easy to buy chrysanthemum seedlings at 2 yuan per plant, while the Red Prince ribbon and wood Hydrangea rose to 5 yuan per plant. The current price has little change compared with that in spring. The main reason is that there is no diaphragm, electrode, bipolar plate and other battery functional materials, which can be produced in a large scale through technological breakthroughs

(panlijun, general manager of Lvxin seedling and flower professional cooperative in Xinlicheng, Changchun, Jilin)

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