Chaos in the hottest physical examination industry

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The chaos in the physical examination industry needs to be rectified, and the post standards are urgently issued, and the medical instruments need to be standardized

however, the physical examination industry is full of chaos, and the same examination constitutes a policy depression, and the project prices are very different; There are also free physical examinations and pulled people to surgery. The physical examinations of various packages and various physical examination institutions dazzle the public, and there are many deceived people. Various signs show that the chaos of the physical examination industry must be rectified. In other words, the physical examination industry needs a "health certificate"

nurse pretending to be an ultrasound doctor? Do you get the result without testing after blood pumping? Recently, Zhang Ligang, chairman and CEO of Aikang group, exposed the chaos of the medical examination industry at the "2018 annual meeting of Chinese enterprise leaders", causing an uproar in public opinion. In fact, this is not the first time that the medical examination industry has been exposed. As early as July this year, we media revealed that a physical examination center failed to detect advanced cancer, falsely used the name of a former doctor, and employees worked without certificates. Finally, the physical examination center has only accepted the rectification, and it is unclear whether it has solved the problem in the future

some insiders summarized to the media the four major problems existing in the current physical examination industry: the names are complicated, and there are arbitrary charges; Failing to check according to the procedure, he will not be responsible for the physical examination results; Malicious competition at low prices and no guarantee of service quality; Without physical examination qualification, expand the scope of services. Many friends believe that these problems do not only occur in a physical examination center, but the whole physical examination industry needs to undergo a major rectification

the industry chaos needs to be rectified, and the system standards are not perfect.

as the saying goes, no rules, no radius. All kinds of chaos in an industry, in the final analysis, is due to the imperfect system standards. For example, the current "Interim Provisions on the management of physical examination" was issued in 2009. After nearly ten years of development and changes, the regulations on the entry threshold of physical examination institutions in this system have fallen far behind the current development status of the industry, so it can be said that it is not applicable. It is necessary for China to speed up the system construction of the physical examination industry and introduce standards that meet the current situation of the industry

in addition to establishing a certain access threshold and excluding some unqualified physical examination institutions, it is also necessary to establish a set of basic items catalogue and Implementation Rules for physical examination, so as to avoid major physical examination institutions from setting up various names and deceiving consumers with falsely high prices; Stipulate a unified physical examination process, and the equipped medical instruments should meet the standards of the physical examination system, etc. In addition, in order to avoid physical examination institutions fooling consumers and issuing false physical examination results, it is necessary for China to introduce measures to assign responsibilities to physical examination institutions and improve their awareness of service quality

post standards are urgently issued, and medical instruments need to be standardized.

in addition to the above-mentioned, there are still some problems that many people ignore. For example, it can be seen from the recent exposure that doctors and nurses in some physical examination institutions do not have the professional qualifications of medical personnel, and some even impersonate. For the vast majority of consumers, it is difficult to determine whether the doctors and nurses who serve them are qualified during the physical examination, which also gives some institutions the opportunity to make breakthroughs in the multi-layer co extrusion performance. Therefore, it is necessary for China to issue post standards for employees of physical examination institutions, requiring these personnel to receive skill training and ability assessment, and obtain qualifications before taking up their posts

in addition, at present, the major physical examination institutions are equipped with a wide variety of medical instruments, which makes it difficult to determine whether the instruments can meet the use needs. It can be said that it is difficult to ensure that some institutions will not choose fake and inferior instruments and equipment in order to seek greater interests. Or, neglecting the maintenance of instruments and equipment leads to the low reliability of the measured results. Local measurement departments need to regularly or irregularly verify the medical instruments used by physical examination institutions to ensure that they meet the use standards. At the same time, the management of medical consumables and reagents should also be strengthened, and the operation process should be strictly standardized to avoid disposable consumables being used by many people or not disinfected

the market scale is expanding day by day, and the business opportunities of the instrument industry are highlighted.

according to the wordld index, the word appears on which pages (indicated by wordld). Compared with the mature health examination industry in foreign countries, China's health examination industry started late and belongs to a sunrise industry. In recent years, with the improvement of the national economic level, more and more people begin to pay attention to physical health, and the demand for physical examination is growing. Seeing this potential market, many private institutions swarmed in, which promoted the rapid development of the physical examination industry. Of course, at present, the medical examination industry in China is still dominated by public hospitals, and its medical examination department accounts for 70% of the market share, while the seemingly hot private institutions account for less than 8%. However, from the perspective of market scale, it is expected that public hospitals will exceed 120billion yuan this year, while private institutions will exceed 27.5 billion yuan, and the overall scale will exceed 150billion yuan

in the face of the booming health examination market, the business opportunities of the scientific instrument industry located in the upper and middle reaches of the industrial chain are prominent. Some people in the industry pointed out that physical examination, in vitro diagnosis, gene sequencing and rehabilitation medicine will become hot subdivisions of the medical instrument industry. Among them, the products and services provided by the physical examination industry are already consumer grade and applicable to all people, so the market potential should not be underestimated. Facing all kinds of chaos in the field of physical examination, the scientific instrument industry should further improve the detection accuracy and efficiency of medical instruments, ensure the quality and service life of equipment, and develop more functions to meet the needs of the physical examination industry

summary: I hope these problems exposed by the physical examination industry can attract the attention of relevant departments, and introduce measures to strengthen management as soon as possible, so as to make a "physical examination" for the physical examination industry. Finding problems is not simply a bad thing, but the beginning of solving problems. I believe that with the improvement of system standards and the improvement of instruments and equipment, the physical examination industry can develop towards standardization and standardization in the future. Consumers can also buy physical examination products at ease and find out their health hazards as soon as possible

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