The hottest northeast heavy truck demand has not t

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Northeast heavy truck demand has not thawed dealers are still looking forward to the market staying power

Northeast Heavy Truck demand has not thawed dealers are looking forward to the market staying power

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for this year's heavy truck market, insiders are generally not optimistic. According to the data of China Automobile Association in the past two months, the cumulative sales of heavy trucks in the month was about 90000, a year-on-year decrease of 36.8%. The decline of nearly 40% made people more worried about the market performance in March

is there any sign of thawing in the market in March? Let's take a look at what some heavy truck dealers in Northeast China say

the market was cold in the first two months and still not warm in March

although it has entered spring, the heavy truck market and transportation market in Northeast China are still cold

as a first-class dealer of Shaanxi Automobile and heavy truck, manager Xue of Harbin Zhongmao Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. revealed that the local market sales in the first two months were relatively weak, and a total of about 20 vehicles had been sold by the beginning of March

Wang Ze, from Daqing Wanli FAW Jiefang 4S store, operates two heavy truck points, Shaanxi Automobile and Jiefang heavy truck. Because the agent has been liberated for a long time, the sales volume is better than that of Shaanxi Automobile. "The sales volume in the first two months of this year is similar to that of last year, including more than 40 vehicles in Jiefang; the company just started acting as an agent of Shaanxi Automobile in April last year, and Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck sold a total of more than 10 vehicles in the first two months of this year." He said that now everyone is waiting and seeing. Since March, more than 10 vehicles have been ordered

manager Guo, a dealer in Jixi, Heilongjiang, said bluntly, "the overall market is not good.". "A total of several cars were sold in the first two months, and there was no order in March (as of the visit)."

manager Sun of Jilin Zhongtian Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. said that the sales volume in the first two months was not good, so it can be said that there was almost no demand for PM corrugated board edge pressing strength (n/m). The sales volume of another heavy vehicle sales company in Jilin Province has also been unsatisfactory. Its sales manager said that there was no big difference between the first two months of this year and 2014, and only 4 or 5 vehicles were sold; As of mid March, there was no order

four factors delay the recovery of the market

talking about the reasons why the northeast heavy truck market is not ideal in the spring of 2015, some dealers said that, first of all, due to climate, frozen soil and other factors, the engineering volume in Northeast China was relatively small in the first quarter, which made the sales of heavy truck products such as engineering vehicles also suffer a longer winter than other regions

secondly, the elimination of yellow standard cars is not enough, which also leads to the depression of the heavy truck market in Northeast China. Manager Xue said frankly that although the country has implemented the policy of eliminating yellow standard cars, in the northeast, the strength is not enough, and the market share of yellow standard cars is still very high. "There are so many yellow labels on the street. Do you think trucks can sell?"

thirdly, the impact of the fourth national emission upgrading still exists. Sun Tiejun said frankly that his customers are mainly rural individual users, and users mainly buy cars to transport grain, vegetables and fruits. "In addition to the bad economic environment, another factor is that this year, the national third car is upgraded to the national fourth car, and users don't agree with the price of the national fourth car. Although the national fourth car has many benefits in the long run, in the short term, it has increased users' car purchase costs such as oxide skin, metal debris and so on. In the past, it only took customers 2 years to earn back the car purchase cost, but now it may take 3 years or even longer. Moreover, compared with the national third car, the national fourth car The maintenance cost of the car has increased a lot, so people don't agree with it in use. There has to be an adaptation stage. "

Zhou Yu, head of Xingbang Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. in Huludao City, Liaoning Province, also said, "because the country has risen from three to four, some customers bought cars in advance last year, which affected this year's sales."

in addition, sun Tiejun and Zhou Yu also believe that the recent downturn in the logistics industry and high operating costs have also led to a decline in truck market sales to a certain extent

there are still positive expectations. Dealers expect the market momentum

although the current market is not satisfactory, most dealers are still confident about the next sales. They believe that the sales volume will slowly increase in the middle and late March, and the positive factors include several aspects. First of all, after the cold winter has passed and the weather has warmed up, many engineering projects, such as real estate, are ready to start, which requires a large number of engineering vehicles, which will help significantly increase the sales of heavy truck market. Secondly, after March, during the busy spring period, farmers need to purchase trucks to transport grain, fertilizers, pesticides, etc., which will also drive a part of the heavy truck market. Third, although the users are not very recognized by the national fourth automobile at present, once the transition period has passed, the user awareness has improved and gradually accepted (National fourth automobile), the market will turn for the better

in addition, dealers also have high hopes for some projects that are expected to be launched this year. Wang Ze said, "in this year's government work report, the premier proposed to vigorously develop the infrastructure construction in Northeast China, logistics and other fields, and there will be more capital investment. Once the state has practical support, it will certainly promote truck sales."

in this regard, manager Xue also believes that due to the opening of several high-speed rail lines this year, the project will rise by US $0.073/t (151.8 million tons); South Africa to China 5.5 (6) US $5/ton (15180000 tons); The construction demand from Iran to China of 9.5 ⑴ 0.5 US dollars/ton (20.3 million tons) will boost truck sales. At the same time, he mentioned that at present, the local yellow standard cars in Harbin account for 40%, and "if the state strengthens the elimination of yellow standard cars, it will virtually increase the sales volume of heavy truck market"

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