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Northeast International Paper Industry Exhibition will be held soon

organizer: Liaoning papermaking society; Jilin Paper Association; Heilongjiang Paper Association

exhibition time:

holding date:

exhibition withdrawal time:

exhibition address: Shenyang Science Palace Convention and Exhibition Center (first to third floors)

main activities of the exhibition:

during the exhibition, the organizing committee will organize a number of technical exchange and promotion activities to carry out industrial technology and trade exchanges, product introduction and advertising talent exchanges

1. Northeast paper industry prospect Forum; 2. Introduction of new pulping technology

2. Application of papermaking chemicals; 4. Seminar on developing northeast paper industry with forestry, pulp and paper as a whole

exhibition scope of the theme exhibition area:

a. paper: paper, printing and writing paper, packaging paper, wrapping board, coated white board, coated paper, office culture paper, coated paper, household paper, special paper and paperboard, carton, carton, paper barrel, paper can, paper tube, paper tableware (paper cup, paper bowl, paper lunch box, paper tray, tray, pulp molded products), paper bag paper, paper self-adhesive

B. corrugated paper: corrugated paper, carton paper, machine-made paperboard, honeycomb paperboard, various types of corrugated paper packaging and their raw materials with different valid periods of corrugated 3 certificates

c. pulp: wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp, etc

d. pulp and paper machinery is prepared by adding pre dispersed foaming agent, parts, auxiliary equipment, automation equipment and instruments

e. chemicals required for the production of pulp, paper and paper products

f. new technologies and equipment for environmental protection and comprehensive utilization

g. paper should strengthen efforts to promote the development of new energy vehicles, product packaging, printing machinery and equipment, and raw and auxiliary materials

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