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Northern Futures: LLDPE fluctuated higher, and there is still room for upward movement in the near future.

LLDPE opened slightly lower today, and then continued to fluctuate higher. After a short consolidation, it rose slightly again in the late trading. Contract l805 opened at 14605 yuan, with a maximum of 14845 yuan, a minimum of 14460 yuan, and a closing of 14835 yuan. The settlement price increased by 235 yuan/hand compared with the previous day, with 28902 transactions and 14340 positions. The total trading volume was 28966 and the total position was 14558. Both transactions and positions increased

internationally, NYMEX crude oil fell $0.75 to $101.84/barrel, as market participants took profits on last week's record level, but the last action is expected to not be exhausted. The domestic production cost and equipment investment have decreased significantly. In terms of spot goods, North China has a strong hype atmosphere, and the quotation is higher. The tax included in Qilu Chemical City 7042 is 13750 yuan/ton. The East China market is obviously on the sidelines, and the quotation rises sharply. The supply of 7042 in Nanjing market is very small, 1802 yuan/ton. The slight rise in the market price in South China is mainly driven by Asia and Eastern Europe, which are the current leaders in the market. The transaction volume is average in Guangzhou: Guangzhou 7042 at 13650 yuan/ton, Maoming 7042 at 13650 yuan/ton, 2001 at 13600 yuan/ton, Saudi Arabia 218w at 14100 yuan/ton

crude oil futures fell slightly last week. After LLDPE opened, it fell slightly. With the boost of bull buying, the futures price began to rise. After a small consolidation in the late afternoon, it rose again slightly. With the increase of the order quantity, the price in the spot market begins to rise. With the continuous recovery of the market operating rate, the market will gradually return to normal. It is expected that LLDPE will still have some room to rise in the near future, but it cannot be ruled out that the price may fall in the next two days, which is mainly reflected in: operationally, it is suggested that bargain hunting can be absorbed in an appropriate amount

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