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Load field test of product packaging in circulation environment (I)

in view of the current situation and shortcomings of circulation packaging test, this paper introduces a field test recording device combining sensor, single chip microcomputer and PC technology, and discusses its software and hardware structure. This device has the characteristics of wide range of use, long running time, small size, low power consumption and no accompanying personnel

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in the circulation process, the product will be subject to the comprehensive effect of a variety of environmental loads. Whether its internal and external packaging system can achieve the expected effect, and whether it can withstand the test of various loads in the circulation environment to prevent the product from being damaged, we can only be sure after the circulation test. The product circulation test can be carried out in two ways: first, laboratory simulation test, that is, using special electromechanical equipment and test instruments to simulate and reproduce the load of the actual circulation environment indoors. The simulation test can accurately control the test conditions. However, the simulated environment, related factors and damage results have a certain gap with the actual circulation situation, and require higher equipment investment and technology, Therefore, it is hoped that the popularization of this experimental technology can help you! Application brings difficulties. 2、 Field test, that is, using simple measuring and recording instruments, place the packages to be tested on the means of transportation in a certain way, complete a certain distance according to the established loading capacity, running speed, route conditions and meteorological environment, and then open the box to check the integrity of the packaging and packaged products. The on-site test operation technology is simple and the experimental results are intuitive. This method is used by many mechanical products, electrical products and military supplies. However, at present, the level of field test in China is low, and there are many shortcomings: ① due to the lack of special testing and recording devices, it is difficult to quantitatively analyze the cause of damage, and the analysis is subjective; ② Due to the differences in operators and operation technology, the test record data are quite different, and the objectivity and comparability of the test results are lost; ③ The test record items are single, and the same circulation process often requires multiple single item tests

the research on the on-site testing device for the circulation process of packaging is a key issue that needs to be solved urgently in the field of packaging engineering in China. A "black box" automatic testing and recording device with small volume, light weight, complete performance and cheap price is used to replace many single item testing and recording instruments that currently need accompanying personnel. Before circulation, the device and the product to be tested are installed together and put into the packaging container, which flows together with the packaging. After arriving at the destination, the device is removed from the packaging, communicated with the PC, and the PC is used to read the test record data stored in the device. According to the data recorded by the test device, the circulation packaging structure designer can get an accurate evaluation of the circulation environmental load, and modify the original packaging design scheme, so as to make the structure, strength, internal buffer liner, container packaging method and other designs of packages and containers more reasonable, ensure the reliability of product circulation, and prevent excessive packaging at the same time. In the case of a certain destination, the products are assembled in different ways, different means of transportation are used, different circulation routes are experienced, and field tests are carried out respectively, so that the advantages and disadvantages of various circulation schemes can be compared, so as to provide a decision-making basis for determining a reasonable circulation scheme. The research, development and promotion of this topic will greatly improve the design level and design efficiency of circulation packaging in China, and reduce the losses of various commodities in circulation. In addition, this device also plays an important role in solving the dispute of packaging circulation damage and arbitration of packaging accidents

1 device development

in the circulation process, there are many environmental loads that affect the damage and failure of products, including both dynamic factors: such as drop impact, horizontal impact, overturn impact, vibration, static pressure, etc; There are also climatic and biochemical factors, such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, moisture, microorganisms, etc. It is unrealistic and unnecessary to design a device to record all the environmental loads in circulation. Therefore, we plan to gradually develop a series of on-site testing and recording devices for circulation environment. Users can choose different types of instruments according to their main testing requirements

1.1 basic requirements of the device

on-site testing and recording instrument of circulation environment, as a device for on-site testing and recording of circulation environment, must bear the role of a variety of environmental loads together with the package. Sometimes, this environmental load is quite severe. In order to ensure that the device can meet the needs of different operating objects in a large range, and can work normally under various working conditions, and the test results are accurate, the following basic requirements must be met:

① compact internal structure, small volume and light weight

② large measurement range and long test recording time

③ convenient installation, operation and reliable operation

④ the structure is relatively simple, easy to produce, low production cost, and easy to popularize

⑤ the whole device, including all parts, has high shockproof and impact strength

as the first device in the series, after widely listening to the opinions of packaging enterprises and packaging product testing departments, combined with their own research conditions, three main test recording parameters were determined: drop height, orientation and temperature

1.2 overall scheme of the device

the shape of the device is a rectangular hexahedron, 180cm long, 120cm wide and 60cm high. The shell is made of engineering plastic with high impact strength and high surface hardness

the overall scheme of the device is shown in Figure 1. Now the functions of its components are briefly described as follows:

① drop height sensor: it is used to measure the drop height of trial products that completely reach the national 65% energy saving utilization standard

② orientation sensor: used to test the change of product placement orientation

③ temperature sensor: used to test the temperature change during product circulation

④ signal processing circuit: that is, the interface circuit between the sensor and the single chip microcomputer, which is used to program and print the experimental report from the sensor signal according to the format required by the user; The useful characteristic signals are extracted, and the signals are appropriately transformed, amplified, shaped, etc. and sent to the single chip microcomputer system

⑤ single chip microcomputer system: it is used to receive the information transmitted by the sensor, analyze and process it, and select valuable information to record and save

⑥ power supply: 4 it can also extend the service life of the equipment. V battery DC power supply and 1.5V backup power supply are used for memory power failure protection

⑦ communication interface: it is used to connect the instrument with the upper computer (IBM-PC)

⑧ state setting switch after the test is completed: it is used to preset the working state constant of the device under different working conditions, and also make preparations for expanding the function of the device

⑨ button: use a certain operation password to start the device to prevent misoperation or human destruction of memory information

⑩ display: use led to display the working state of the device

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