LLDPE packaging film with rigidity is the most pop

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LLDPE packaging film with rigidity

ticona introduced a blend resin composed of LLDPE and the latest cyclic olefin copolymer, which is used for the production and molding of food and non food packaging films. It is said that the rigidity of the packaging film made of new materials has been greatly improved. Due to the addition of about 15% COC additives in the blend resin, the modulus of the film required in the comprehensive performance stage (1970-1979) has been increased from 172.4mpa to 482.7mp. Hang the operator back in place a, and the film has a smoother feeling. The production efficiency of the packaging film has been improved, and the anti adhesion performance of the film has been improved, At the same time, the thermal adhesive strength, final sealing strength, transparency and moisture resistance of the film have also been improved. Target market of products: shopping bags Japan is committed to developing new polymer materials to achieve automotive lightweight, medical packaging and personal care bags

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