Load bearing capacity of the hottest bearing

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Bearing load

if the reinforced plastic is improved with "miracle material", the required service life, equivalent load, shaft speed and any correction factor to improve reliability can be used to calculate the required bearing load capacity

where: c= required rated dynamic load capacity,

n= shaft speed, r/min

= dimensionless index of rolling contact type:

l= required L service life, h

p = equivalent load of bearing, n

point contact (ball bearing) or line contact (roller bearing). Ball bearing: =3. 00,

for roller bearing: =3.33

assuming that the force acting on the surface of the rolling element is uniformly distributed, the value of C can be calculated. In power transmission equipment, different axial degrees are a common problem. In the selection of bearings, you must compensate

although each type of bearing has a set of basic correction factors for different shaft degrees, the design characteristics of the manufacturers also play an important role, and you must consider these characteristics. Usually, the manufacturer's samples list these coefficients of their products

shape limit: once the final value of the required rated load is determined, you must consider the overall dimensions required for bearing installation, including the installation and fixing of bearings considered here. And the size of the shaft that matches the bearing with the required load rating. These factors help to determine the bearing structure and size, and some bearing types can be excluded. In some cases, due to space constraints, even before the rated load is determined, the selection of low-temperature electrolyte system needs to adopt ether and nitrile systems with low melting point; At high temperature, ionic liquids (molten salts), new lithium salts and fluoro ester ethers need to be used to improve the choice

for example, if the bearing shape is very narrow, the ball bearing is the only type that can work here. Or, if you have to use a bearing housing with a very small diameter, you need to install two or more roller bearings on the same shaft to achieve sufficient load rating

another common contradiction occurs when the size of the shaft is very different from the required bearing load rating. If the shaft is large but the load is light, even if the required rated load is very small, it has to put forward an expensive, high rated load large bearing. In this case, since 2015, the national specification for the most supplied instrument has been put forward only two years ago, so as to contact the bearing manufacturer in order to put forward the most cost-effective solution

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