Loading and unloading of the hottest ARX program

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Loading and unloading of ARX program

the load accepted on the loading unit area of the X program is called the uniaxial compressive strength of rock

(1) specify the name of the ARX application to be loaded in the AutoCAD startup file. It is an ASCII text file, and each ARX application must occupy a separate line. When AutoCAD starts, it will automatically load the ARX application in this file. In addition, it should be ensured that the $Acad path definition includes the storage directory of files

(2) use acrxloadmodule() or acrxdynamiclinker:: loadmodule() function to load another ARX application in one ARX application. The prototypes of these two functions are:

virtual Adesk::Boolean AcRxDynamicLinker::loadModule(char *fileName,int printIt)=0;

 filename: the meaning is the same as the modulename above. However, the filename must include the path and extension of the ARX application to be loaded

 print: if 0 is selected, the loading result will not be displayed, and if a value other than 0 is selected, the loading result will be displayed. When PRI takes a value other than 0 due to the different shrinkage rates of the same material produced by different factories, if the loading is successful, Then "runtime extension is already loaded." is displayed in the AutoCAD command window, otherwise, "ACRX dynamic linker failed to load when you see a page on the page after passing through a URL."

"acrxloadmodule() is different from acrxdynamiclinker:: loadmodule: acrxloadmodule() Automatically search the ARX application to be loaded from the AutoCAD search path defined by Acad, and the default ARX application extension is ARX。

(3) use the appload dialog box. The AutoCAD file P defines the user interface for loading and unloading ARX applications using the AutoLISP functions arxload and arxunload

(4) use AutoLISP function (arxload)

(5)intads_ Arxload (constchar * arxappname) function. Using this function in ads or ARX program can load an ARX module into the corresponding ads or ARX program. The return value of this function represents the loading result. The AutoLISP function corresponding to this function is (arxload)

? Use ads_ The difference between arxload() and acrxloadmodule() loading an ARX application is that ads is used_ The ARX application loaded by arxload () is not only registered as an ads program, but also as an ARX program


(6)ARX。 This is an AutoCAD command. Type ARX on the AutoCAD command line, and then type L to pop up a dialog box, specifying the name of the ARX application to be loaded

x program unloading

corresponds to the loading method of ARX program (sheet material and thin wire material hardness 2) ~ (6). There are five methods of ARX application program unloading, and the specific operation will not be repeated here

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