After the hottest 100 unpacking sales, this carton

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After 100% unpacking sales, this carton turns into a "sweet cake" in seconds, and it is fried to 500 yuan

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core tip: just after the Spring Festival holiday, "Maotai carton is fried to 500 yuan" rushed to Weibo hot search. Before the Spring Festival in 2021, Guizhou Moutai Liquor Sales Co., Ltd. frequently introduced measures to control prices and stabilize the market: 100

before the Spring Festival in 2021, Guizhou Moutai Liquor Sales Co., Ltd. frequently introduced measures to control prices and stabilize the market: 100% unpacking sales; Cancel the online "rush purchase" threshold; It was announced that all marketable Maotai liquor would be put on the market in 2020, and the inventory would be cleared

during the Spring Festival visit of the China Securities Journal, it was found that it was still almost impossible to buy 53 ° 500 ml Feitian Moutai at the price of 1499 yuan/bottle, and "new speculation" came into being: a Moutai carton was fried to 500 yuan, while ordinary cartons of the same specification were sold for no more than 3 yuan each

it is difficult for consumers to grab online

at Siyuanqiao store of Carrefour supermarket in Beijing, China Securities Journal found that the price tag of Moutai liquor in the locked wine cabinet was marked as 1499 yuan/bottle. Many customers stopped to watch, but the salesperson said, "don't sell here, grab it", which instantly extinguished the customer's idea of "finding a bargain"

for the flying Moutai with an online price of 1499 yuan/bottle, the Moutai sales company requires that e-commerce companies should not set a consumption restriction threshold. During the Spring Festival, the construction personnel paved the ceramic particles on the deck of the pedestrian overpass of Yannan overpass in Urumqi. JD and Suning app snapped up 1499 yuan/bottle of Feitian Moutai page. Click the appointment button, and the prompt for membership will no longer pop up. Xiaomi Youpin app can make an appointment after completing real name authentication with its ID card. In order to prevent "scalpers" from swiping orders and grabbing goods, Xiaomi Youpin also has a face recognition link, and the same user can purchase up to 2 bottles within 30 days, with a limit of 1 bottle each time

is it easier to rush to buy Moutai on the Internet after lowering the threshold and resuming immediately after the end of work? In fact, it is more difficult for ordinary consumers to grab the "scalpers" who have had one year of experience and software blessing. "I have no chance to enter the secondary page." A friend who has participated in the rush purchase of Maotai Liquor on and Suning said that the "rush purchase now" button kept going as soon as it was lit, but in addition to "sorry..." and other prompts, it was conservative to use "secsha" to describe this fleeting opportunity

"1499 yuan a bottle of Maotai? It can't be. Now the goods in the store are 2700 yuan a bottle." In a special dealer store in Xicheng District, Beijing, China Securities Journal saw more than a dozen Maotai handbags on the ground, each containing two bottles of Maotai wine, which were sold at a unit price of 2750 yuan to 2800 yuan

Maotai is covered with "treasure"

in January, Maotai sales company stipulated that the exclusive store would unpack 80% of the 53 degree 500ml Feitian Moutai at the price of 1499 yuan/bottle every month, and then stipulated that 100% of the unpacked Moutai would be sold at the price of 1499 yuan/bottle, and would check the unpacking sales from time to time. If it is found that the number of boxes does not meet the standard, the dealer will be punished accordingly

however, during the Spring Festival, the Maotai liquor market became more and more crazy, and even channels for selling Maotai liquor cartons appeared. In 2020, the price of a Maotai liquor carton was speculated to 500 yuan, and the price of ordinary cartons of the same specification was only 3 yuan each

according to insiders, the current market price is 3300 yuan/bottle of Maotai original box wine (6 bottles per box), 2700 yuan/bottle of bulk bottle wine, and 500 yuan a carton plays an important role. "People who buy a whole box of Maotai don't drink it by themselves, otherwise they won't care about the cartons. Just because there are cartons, the price of a single bottle of Maotai can rise by another 600 yuan." Lin Ming (a pseudonym), a Baijiu retailer, said that laymen thought that people who bought boxes were packing fake liquor, but in fact it was not. Basically, the terminal liquor merchants buy boxes

many "new terms" were born under the "unpacking order", such as original box, coating code, buckle code, corner cutting. Lin Ming explained that the original box is a complete piece of Maotai, with the highest unit price of 3300 yuan/bottle; Then there are code coating and deduction. "So we began to study how to use recycled plastic to make high-quality wire code and corner cutting of composite industry standards. According to the integrity of the box, the wine price has a certain difference.

turn the bulk bottle of wine into the original box of wine as much as possible. It is the skill of" scalpers "to get the carton to find wine and get the wine to find the carton. The cartons of Maotai liquor and each bottle of liquor have corresponding batches and numbers. Only when they correspond to each other can they be counted as the original cartons. In the words of "scalper", it is necessary to realize "three sameness", that is, the production date, production batch and logistics code are the same

Lin Ming told the China Securities Journal that Maotai is full of "treasure". In addition to boxes, streamers, wine glasses, bandages, bags, wine detectors, etc. can be circulated: 2 yuan for a streamer, 30 yuan for a set of original wine glasses, 15 yuan for a bandage, and 100 yuan for a handbag

difficult knot under the price difference

under the condition that China is still in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, Maotai sales company regards the "unpacking order" as an important measure to control the price. This heavy blow did make many dealers' high priced Moutai disappear, and the whole box of Feitian Moutai became a "scarce product". The single bottle price of the original box of Feitian Moutai rose from more than 2900 yuan to more than 3300 yuan

some supermarkets sell Moutai liquor of other capacity specifications, but there is no specification of "500ml, 53 degrees". 2L Moutai, equivalent to about 3000 yuan per 500ml. Industry insiders said that the Spring Festival factor supported the rigid demand for Moutai liquor, resulting in strong market terminal prices

in order to improve the bottle opening rate and realize the goal of "drinking without stir frying", some Maotai liquor Direct stores have introduced the "bottle for purchase" activity, that is, show the delivery order, empty bottle, invoice, etc. of one-time liquor purchase, and Maotai liquor can be exchanged 1:1 in the Direct stores

tianyancha shows that Moutai sales company has only two shareholders: Guizhou Moutai Liquor Co., Ltd. holds 95% shares and Guizhou Moutai distillery (Group) Co., Ltd. holds 5%

Li Zhen, chairman of Hangzhou Yanrui asset management company, said that as a scarce resource in the market, the main reason for the price rise of Feitian Moutai is the imbalance between supply and demand, from 1499 yuan/bottle to 3300 yuan/bottle, in which the profit space attracts businessmen from all walks of life. Due to the huge difference between the official price and the market price, the measures of Maotai sales company to control the price and stabilize the market are facing challenges

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