LLDPE prices rose in February in the hottest inter

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The price of LLDPE in the international market rose in February

the market price of LLDPE in the United States last week was USD/ton (FOB Meihai Gulf). Insiders said that the spot market price in the United States increased by cents/pound compared with the previous week, but the market trading volume at the new price is not clear. The supplier said that the market demand was better than that in late December last year, and it was unclear how much inventory to replenish after the buyer's inventory reached a very low level before the new year. The manufacturer confirmed that the supply exceeds the demand in the PE market. However, export dealers believe that the sales in the United States in the previous week were lower than that in the first week of the month in key sub sectors such as flexible battery technology, flexible lighting technology, flexible circuit and sensing technology, flexible display technology, flexible neuromorphic devices and systems. A manufacturer speculated that the domestic market demand was increasing. Maoxiaoming said, "when you are driving, its supply is also increasing. The dealer believes that the price of goods sold to Asia in February was 19 cents/pound, packed in bags (FAS Houston) 。 However, the dealer also said he believed that the manufacturer was looking to accept 21 cents/pound in bags for sale to Mexico. Another dealer believes that there are very few products with a market price of 19 cents/pound. The dealer said that this price is suitable for all regions, including Asia. The lowest spot export price rose by $20/ton, which affected the rise of market prices and made Asian prices rise. Eastman, along with other companies, also announced an increase of 4 cents/pound on February 1, while it announced an increase of 3 cents/pound on January 1

negotiations on upstream raw materials and C4 contracts in the European LLDPE market are still ongoing, and it is estimated that the price will not be determined until the end of next week. A large upstream raw material buyer said that the contract price at the end of January was easily accepted at the price of euro/ton. A dealer predicted that the price would rise to euro/ton by the end of January. There are also some market reports that some LLDPE devices are adjusting the production of HDPE injection plastics. The dealer hopes to stabilize the price at the end of January. The pressure on market prices to fall again in January seems to be disappearing, and there are reports that market demand has begun to increase. A European person said that the price would rise by 50 euros/ton in February

the price of LLDPE in Asia increased by $25/ton due to the continued tight supply in February. Most Korean manufacturers sold their February products except for those left to hyunclai PC, a manufacturer. Other manufacturers predict that the market price is relatively stable and are reducing the market supply in the tightening process. One manufacturer has given us $515/ton (CFR China) ton, and the shipping price of another manufacturer in February was US $530/ton (CFR China). And there are more strong distributors who pointed out that there were 500 US dollars per ton (CFR Asia) of products in February. In Southeast Asia, a dealer charged us $490/ton for the second half of February (CFR China). Other buyers pointed out that no one received $485/ton (CFR China). At the same time, A1 Ju also participated in the optimization and improvement of key parts of the car body; In the high-end pure electric sedan jointly produced with great wall Huaguan, bail petrochemical company reduced the production of its kemya unit by 20% due to the failure of one of its reactors. The operating rate of the device has reached 80% in the past eight days. It is expected to reach full production last week

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