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Market analysis of the furniture manufacturing industry in 2018 the brand effect gradually appeared

China's furniture market is a mature market with rapid growth and great potential. According to the data of the prospective industry research institute, the sales revenue of China's furniture manufacturing industry increased year by year, reaching more than 80billion yuan in 2017 and close to 90billion yuan in 2018

small and medium-sized enterprises occupy a leading position

at the time of the rising market sales revenue, a number of excellent enterprises have emerged in the industry, and three echelons have been formed. The first tier is the leading enterprises in the industry, including gujia home furnishing Co., Ltd., Minhua Holding Co., Ltd., Xilinmen Furniture Co., Ltd., mengbaihe home furnishing Technology Co., Ltd., Yihua Life Technology Co., Ltd., etc

the second tier is well-known enterprises in the industry, such as Shenzhen Zuo Zuo Furniture Co., Ltd., Quanyou Furniture Co., Ltd., Beijing iris household products Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xingli Furniture Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Tiancheng Furniture Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yuanchao Furniture Co., Ltd., etc

the third tier is a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, such as Anhui SHENGFEI Yulong Soft Furniture Co., Ltd., Linquan lanou Soft Furniture Co., Ltd., Heshan yayaohaima Soft Furniture Co., Ltd., Jinan Jinxi Soft Furniture Co., Ltd., Michelle sofa soft furniture (Ningling) Co., Ltd., Anhui JinFang soft furniture Co., Ltd., etc

however, from the perspective of market share, the share of leading enterprises in the industry is not high, small and medium-sized enterprises still occupy a dominant position, and the industrial concentration is low. However, the products of small and medium-sized enterprises are mostly concentrated in the domestic low-end market, and the phenomenon of product homogenization is more serious. With the improvement of people's living standards, more consumers will choose the products of leading enterprises with more brand awareness

at the same time, in order to enhance their influence and competitiveness, leading enterprises have increased their R & D efforts, paid more attention to product innovation and technology development, and achieved remarkable results. For example, dream Baihe Home Technology Co., Ltd. has 70 authorized patents, including 11 patents for B-class materials such as extruded board and polystyrene board, which are relatively cheap in China. Seven products of the company, including "biodegradable slow rebound memory cotton", "degradable polyurethane and latex composite mattress" and "three-layer baby health pillow", have been rated as high-tech products by the Department of science and technology of Jiangsu Province

in terms of regional distribution, most Chinese upholstered furniture manufacturing enterprises are concentrated in East and South China. In 2017, the proportion of sales revenue in East China accounted for 41.64%, and that in South China accounted for 31.32%, accounting for more than 70% in total. The rest of the regions were under 13% flg with two or three layers thick, and the regional concentration was high

in East and South China, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hubei and other provinces account for more. In 2017, Guangdong Province achieved a sales revenue of 24.467 billion yuan, accounting for 29.60% of the industry's sales revenue, ranking first; Zhejiang Province ranks second, with a sales revenue of 14.182 billion yuan, accounting for 17.16%; The proportion of sales revenue in Jiangsu Province, Shandong Province and Hubei Province is more than 4%

generally speaking, there are many brands in the upholstered furniture market, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, but the brand effect is gradually emerging, and the market share is gradually concentrated to advantageous brands. At the same time, the trend of industrial clustering is increasingly obvious, which improves the degree of specialization of China's furniture manufacturing industry and forms an industrial scale effect

the industry has broad prospects for development

in recent years, China's upholstered furniture manufacturing industry has maintained a stable state of development. Although there have been some problems in the development process, especially due to the impact of the financial crisis since 2008, the development speed of the industry has slowed down. In many test methods, spherical pins or balls are used as one sample, but these elements are important: the original page document, URL and title, number, the collection of important keywords contained, and the orientation information they appear in the document Other goals: under the overall favorable economic situation of the country, China's upholstered furniture manufacturing market still has broad prospects for development

at the same time, the industrial revitalization plan helps the development of the furniture manufacturing industry. According to the goals put forward in the 13th five year plan for the development of China's furniture industry, the furniture industry should actively adapt to the new economic normal, accelerate the transformation of development mode, and maintain the stable development of the industry

after entering the medium and high-speed development stage, seeking progress while maintaining stability will be the general tone of the development of the furniture industry, maintaining an average annual growth of about% of the main business income; The furniture industry should further strengthen trade exchanges, adapt to the new international situation, fully create industry synergy, actively respond to trade frictions, and improve the added value of products and the level of foreign trade; We should continue to consolidate and enhance the leading position of Chinese furniture in the international market and maintain an average annual growth of% in furniture export value

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