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Market positioning - focus on promoting business (1)

a beauty salon that serves women has been replaced by a beauty salon that welcomes both male and female guests in an attempt to expand the customer route and increase the business volume, but it has caused a lot of inconvenience to the female customers who originally patronized it, and the male customers who newly patronized it also felt embarrassed. As a result, the shop was sparrow, and both male and female customers were not affected. The business calculation was wrong, because the increase was reduced. Therefore, in terms of business policy, it is very important to determine the target customers of the market. Only by analyzing the data of customers in terms of region, taste, requirements, age, gender, social class, education level, marriage, race and so on, and then according to the common characteristics of these customers' requirements for products, cooperating with the resources of their own institutions, and concentrating on serving these target customers, can we achieve the benefits of both buyers and sellers, that is, the purpose of market positioning

you may ask, the timing environment of each industry is different, how to do the right market positioning? The answer is: start with the value that buyers and sellers want. Due to fierce competition in various industries, if you want to differentiate and occupy a seat in the market, you need to pay attention to:

(I) the importance of outstanding products or services to customers. For example, pp-lgf material can be used to replace metal and nylon for a certain brand of recorder. The easily damaged parts are also different, and the material is as thin as a pen. This light and thin difference is important for a certain industry, because it can improve work efficiency

(II) the difference is unprecedented and unique. For example, a portable network provider provides customers with a portable with strong receiving function, and free gifts under certain conditions

(III) there are advantages in this category. For example, the brand characteristics of Pingzhi RV are superior

(IV) the difference can be communicated. Whether in advertisements or distribution points, for example, the compression tester is the most direct test instrument for testing the compressive strength of cartons or other packaging containers. Honda Motor has no sales in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the new territories, but customers are welcome to inquire or test drive

(V) the different places are not easy to be imitated by competitors. For example, the taste of Coca Cola is always slightly different from other similar drinks

(VI) the selling point is affordable for customers

(VII) finally, creating a different characteristic requires both the cost and the average affordability of customers. It also needs to be like "a muddy man makes a wall, which can live with you and me." That is, for the buyer, it should be cost-effective, otherwise it will be difficult for the business to be long-term in the future

the above seven points are the basis of market positioning. What else should we pay attention to in terms of market positioning of products and services? have That is:

(I) the positioning should not be too low. If it is not too prominent, it will give potential customers a vague impression and make them easy to forget. Don't forget that what customers want to buy is joy, benefits and advantages

(II) the positioning should not be too high. The so-called "too high and too few", so as to avoid the customers' use of flame-retardant materials in the body, which is particularly important and unattainable. The relevant personnel of Cartier Watch once asked the guest how much his watch was worth. The guest thought it was 5000 yuan, but it was actually 900 yuan

(III) positioning should not be advertised too much to avoid confusion. Don't you see that Pingzhi RV only emphasizes superiority, while the Regal RV only highlights safety, which is enough

(IV) positioning should not be suspected. If a drug or service can make people lose 50 pounds in two weeks, it will be difficult for ordinary people to accept

as for how to implement the market positioning and how to concentrate on the promotion task, the key lies in the four PS, as shown in the figure:

how to strengthen the market positioning in four aspects: product, price, promotion and point of sale? (to be continued)

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