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Marshall airlines' acquisition of Slingsby advanced composites

recently, Marshall airlines announced that it would acquire Slingsby advanced composites Co., Ltd. the specific terms of the acquisition have not been announced yet

Slingsby advanced composite material Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in the design and manufacture of high-tech composite material structures applied in the aerospace field, marine industry and railway industry. Slingsby advanced composites has operations in North Yorkshire, England, and Glasgow preswick airport, Ayrshire, England, with more than 130 employees

this acquisition will help strengthen Marshall Aerospace's position in the British aerospace industry and consolidate its position as a leading design, manufacturing and construction company. Today, Marshall Airlines has added composite technology, which is a good supplement to its existing strength in manufacturing metal structures, because composite technology will be more and more used in civil and military aerospace devices

With more than 1700 employees, Marshall Aerospace not only has the ability to complete the design, manufacturing and testing of aerospace devices, but also has the ability to provide professional project management for complex Aerospace device structures, assemblies and systems. Marshall achieved good results. The headquarters of aerospace company is located in its Cambridge Air Station, UK. The company cooperates closely with all major aircraft OEMs and is famous for the research and development of light fuel tanks

m use it to carry out tensile, zigzag, contraction and shear experiments ar sum up the successful experience in the past. We are proud to be able to provide a sustainable catamaran concept suitable for special use; Including Martin Broadhurst, the water taxi officer, who commented on the acquisition, He said: "There is no doubt that Marshall airlines will have a wonderful future. I believe that Slingsby advanced composites Co., Ltd. will play an excellent complementary role in the field of composites. The combined ability of the two companies will create a new standard for the aerospace structure design industry. This acquisition event is the heaviest acquisition event our company has ever experienced Once. "

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