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Medium term futures: the LLDPE market rebounded slightly, and the trend in the later period was weak and volatile

today, the LLDPE market rebounded slightly, and the departure of short positions pushed the futures price to rebound from the low point. The market trading volume and positions continued to shrink, the upstream and downstream markets sent bad signals, and the futures market lost popularity. The quotation in the domestic spot market weakened, the traders' mentality was poor, and they stepped up the pace of shipment. However, the downstream enterprises were not willing to complete the experiment at this time. These varnishes were strong in the production process, the peak season of agricultural film production ended, and the market demand decreased. However, after continuous decline, the futures price has been close to the ex factory price of petrochemical enterprises. If the callback pace of the crude oil market stabilizes in the later stage, the falling space of the domestic LLDPE price will be limited, and the trend is expected to be dominated by weak shocks. L0805 contract closed at 13815, up 45 points, with 2296 trading volumes, 3256 positions and 528 positions reduced

the international crude oil market continued to decline on Monday. Although the financial market environment recovered, the rebound of the US dollar had a negative impact on the trend of crude oil. Nymex5 crude oil futures fell by US $0.98 to US $100.86, and ice5 crude oil futures fell by US $0.52 to US $99.86. The news that JPMorgan Chase raised the price to buy Bear Stearns stimulated the stock market on Wall Street to rise sharply, and the crude oil market once surged. However, concerns about slowing demand and the rebound of the US dollar pressured the market to fall from the high point. When the crude oil price returns to around the 100 yuan mark, it is expected that the market will be supported to some extent, and the callback trend may stabilize

technically, l0805 contract was supported near yesterday's low point after they also received reports from the public, but the moving average system continued to show a short position, and the short-term trend remained weak

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