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"Overseas experts' Liuzhou trip" starts experts' pulse taking

"overseas experts' Liuzhou trip" starts experts' pulse taking

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Guide: the 2012 overseas experts' Liuzhou trip started on October 17, and 23 experts will come to Liuzhou successively to take pulse taking for various enterprises and institutions. On October 17, foreign experts from the United States, Germany, Canada, France, Belgium, Japan and Taiwan

2012 "overseas experts' trip to Liuzhou" started on October 17, and 23 experts will come to Liuzhou to "check the pulse" for enterprises and institutions

on October 17, foreign experts from foreign countries, such as Germany, Canada, France, Belgium and Japan, and 6. Light dispersing modified engineering plastics, which have laid a solid foundation for the production of high-quality and high value-added aluminum alloy products in Taiwan, attended a symposium in Liuzhou hotel to offer advice and suggestions for the economic and social development and construction of Liuzhou city. During the 30 day event, 23 experts will successively arrive in Liuzhou to provide technical consultation and guidance to 16 enterprises and institutions, including SAIC GM Wuling, Liugong, Liuzhou workers' hospital and Agricultural Science Research Institute. The experts' professional fields include automobile industry, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, finance Since 2009, Liuzhou human resources and Social Security Bureau has concentrated on inviting countries (regions) according to the needs of project units Foreign experts came to the project unit for technical consulting services, listened to experts' suggestions on Liuzhou's economic and social construction in the form of expert seminars, and built an exchange platform for experts and government departments. So far, 74 experts have been invited to participate in the Liuzhou trip

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