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Live report on the Qingdao seminar sweeping China and leading the future Qingdao was full of spring at the end of March. Zijin bridge "swept China and led the future" but the staff put it in the cup. The third stop of the 2006 National Technical Seminar - Qingdao station was held at the international academic center of Qingdao Ocean University on March 28. More than 100 automation experts and insiders from Jiaodong region attended the meeting. They discussed the latest technology of configuration software. The software also has copy function and wonderful application cases. Huichuan electronics, the partner of Zijinqiao software, has also brought us an overall solution

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the manager of Zijinqiao software technology department gave us a detailed explanation of Zijinqiao configuration software technology. This standard added the quality requirements and technical characteristics of raw materials. Everyone expressed great interest in Zijinqiao configuration software's leading technology in data processing, distributed systems and other aspects. At the same time," 276 working days system "also effectively reduced the pressure of underground production personnel.

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case introduction introduces the overall solution of Zijinqiao configuration software in various industries. Through many application cases, all colleagues in the industry have a further understanding of Zijinqiao configuration software

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as a frequency converter manufacturer with great development potential in China, Huichuan electronics introduced the latest technologies related to frequency converters and demonstrated the connection with Zijinqiao software.

in the last free exchange time, many guests and our engineers discussed the technology and development trend of configuration software, and many users had a detailed discussion with our engineers on the issues they were concerned about Discussion

as a configuration software manufacturer with leading technology in China, Zijinqiao software always takes promoting the development of domestic automation level as its own responsibility. The national seminar "sweeping across China and leading the future" - Tianjin railway station conference achieved a complete success, which is inseparable from everyone's active participation and attention. In other cities, we will continue to discuss the development and application of configuration software with you. I hope you will continue to pay attention to Zijinqiao software

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