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[meizhixuan doors and windows] as the fraud company of aluminum alloy doors and windows in Foshan is gradually excavated, more and more dealers of aluminum alloy doors and windows have new experiences and views when inspecting the manufacturers of aluminum alloy doors and windows, but if you really want to see clearly, see clearly and see through, you need to combine the following six unique skills:

unique skills 1. Look at strength

in China, doing great things cannot be separated from the background, and the same is true of choosing aluminum alloy doors and windows. The choice of aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers depends on the hard power of the manufacturers! The production scale, enterprise honor, enterprise patent and operation mode can all reflect the hard strength of the manufacturer. Only with excellent strength can we ensure the quality of products! Therefore, although some certificates are not high in gold, those with certificates are better than those without certificates. The number of enterprise patents can also reflect the continuous R & D and production capacity of enterprises

stunt 2. Looking at the product

product quality inspection report, just like a person's physical examination report, you can see whether the quality of the product is guaranteed. When selecting aluminum alloy doors and windows, we should also see the quality inspection report of the product, and pay special attention to the core data of some materials, such as the six main properties of doors and windows: 1. Thermal insulation, that is, K value 2, wind pressure resistance 3, water tightness 4, air tightness 5, daylighting 6, sound insulation and noise reduction

3 Look at the exhibition hall

the exhibition hall is the actual effect of products, and it is also a live advertisement. If the manufacturer's own exhibition hall has not passed the test, you can imagine how to reassure us whether the details, side seams and lines of the exhibition hall are fine

4. Look at marketing

a strong product naturally cannot be separated from strong marketing promotion. With a strong designer team and marketing team, the leading team has rich experience in the industry, and a set of mature operation ideas can make the brand promotion of aluminum alloy doors and windows like a duck to water and quickly gain a foothold in the national market! Therefore, the overall marketing and activity planning will determine the market share and lasting combat effectiveness of products, which we should not ignore

5. Look at positioning

different aluminum alloy door and window brands have different product positioning. Only by finding out the context of the market, can manufacturers with accurate self positioning have a long-term foothold in the market! When selecting aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers, conduct in-depth research on the existing aluminum alloy door and window market, adopt high-end brand positioning, and adopt differentiated pricing in high-end positioning to ensure the height of brand operation. Some manufacturers just take the goods, even if they are defective products of more than 100 yuan. If you are still a conscientious franchisee and don't want to use defective products to trick customers, try not to be greedy for cheap

6. Look at the policy

the support policy is the top priority for every dealer who wants to act as a door and window agent. Preferential policies can naturally attract many potential dealers, but due to the existence of fixed costs, when choosing aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers, we must strictly prevent policy traps. Many manufacturers pay 100000 and 150000 goods. It seems that you earn money. In fact, when you ship goods, you will be delivered at the market price, or you will be delivered with defective products. At that time, you will completely fall into the trap and cannot extricate yourself, so the simpler the policy, the clearer the better, The more policies, the more complex, there may be something fishy. We must firmly believe that there is no free lunch in the world

the six unique skills are enough for us to investigate an aluminum alloy door and window manufacturer, but we don't rule out the situation that more bag companies change more tricks to tempt everyone





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