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Today's door and window market is a fast-paced era. If you want to succeed in joining doors and windows, you must take one step faster. Guanhao door and window editor believes that if you want to take one step faster, you must win at the starting point

many door and window manufacturers hit the terminal directly, resulting in very brutal competition. It is difficult for franchisees of doors and windows to adapt to the market environment without changing the extensive management in the past. Today's market is that the winner is the king and the leftover is the king. We all know how important executive power is! When working at the terminal, general door and window enterprises will have a more detailed market plan, including how many points to cover, how many people to recruit, and how much goods to expect

but they often ignore and find it difficult to find problems in specific implementation, because it is a dynamic working procedure. Some people say that marketing is amorphous, but Guanhao door and window editor doesn't agree very much, because if you do detailed professional research in any industry, you will find many amazing similarities

then when door and window franchisees want to carry out terminal sales, they should understand and summarize and study the implementation problems of their peers in specific work, and effectively develop a system suitable for their own enterprise terminal sales work to solve problems at any time, so that we can implement the terminal plan in place and win before departure




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