Bohemian romantic style advocates free luxury and

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Bohemian style decoration design, luxurious alternative, noble personality, pays more attention to simplicity and freedom. It is simple and casual. The curtain fabric is mainly made of flowers in nature, stripes with natural color matching or pure white yarn. The style is simple, natural and fresh

a very typical living room design scheme, with sofa area on one side and TV cabinet on the other. The highlight is that all furniture is very simple and elegant. The light colored cloth sofa with the dark cloth tea table forms a good contrast with the background wall

beautiful sofa background wall design, two art paintings are designed into the style of door panels, which are also unique. The pattern of log colored background wall splicing is very similar to the floor being used on the wall

the white ceramic tile floor is smooth and shiny. Looking inside, it is the kitchen. The small and exquisite layout does not occupy space at all. The dining room and the living room are very good continuation in style, but there are differences between the two. The warm yellow chandelier makes the dining area different and warm




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