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In July, 2015, the proud son of the rich family, Mumen, decided to optimize and upgrade the products and processes of its brands in four aspects to comprehensively improve the product quality

products, as the basic conditions for the production of wooden door enterprises, have always been highly valued. The proud sons of rich and powerful families have always kept pace with the times and never been careless about the upgrading of products, followed the market trend, and increased unprecedented efforts in the research and development of new products to meet the needs of consumers as the fundamental starting point. Therefore, in order to further improve the quality of the products, enhance the core competitiveness of the products, increase the added value and selling points of the products, and ensure the production cycle and quality of the products to the greatest extent, in July 2015, the products and processes of the brands under the company were optimized and upgraded in four aspects to comprehensively improve the product quality

I. upgrading of classic door type:

through the research on the current wood door technology and consumption trend, the pride of the rich and powerful family upgraded the old classic door type. After the upgrade, the new door type has:

1. The advantage of three-dimensional sense is stronger and beautiful; The door leaf line type is upgraded to increase the groove effect

2. The line type is upgraded from ordinary paulownia wood to poplar or cypress wood. The wood is better and harder

3. The buckle door reduces cracking, and the buckle line type is more natural

II. Upgrading of door leaf and door pocket structure:

upgrading of door leaf and door pocket structure

1. Upgrading from the original stacking method to five layer stacking

2. The thickened layer is more stable, not easy to change, and more moisture resistant

3. Multiple layers can block the hidden dangers caused by formaldehyde release, making it more environmentally friendly

4. The flatness of the flat door is better

5. The plane deformation of door pocket and door leaf is smaller

III. The pure log structure of the door jamb line is upgraded to the log and veneer structure:

the door jamb line has the pure log structure upgraded to the log and veneer structure, and the upgraded door jamb line has:

1, the lines are clearer and natural

2. The upgrading of paint makes the lines more flat and smooth, and the characteristics of smoothness and fluency are more obvious

3. The perforated paint has a more three-dimensional effect and is closer to nature

IV. upgrading paint to imported Aksu paint:

paint, as a late stage industry of wood door processing, its advantages and disadvantages directly affect the final use effect, as well as the texture, feel, moisture-proof, environmental protection, durability and other issues of wood doors. For this reason, the rich and powerful families upgraded the paint this time, using imported Aksu paint

1. After the paint is upgraded, the overall effect of the door is more realistic, integrated with nature, and increases the aesthetic feeling

2. The upgraded paint is environmental friendly paint, which is more healthy and environmental friendly

3. Retain the grain of the original wood, highlight the texture, and have stronger gloss

4. The wooden door is more waterproof and moisture-proof to protect the wood from deformation

in the face of consumers' "liking the new and hating the old" and the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, the development and marketing of new products have become an integral part of brand development. The upgrading of the products of rich and powerful families has shown its own strong comprehensive performance in all aspects, with the characteristics of healthy environmental protection, stability and deformation, good flatness, and good moisture-proof performance, which is also a great benefit for consumers. For the franchisees of rich and powerful families, it will further enhance their confidence in the products of rich and powerful families, and then lay a solid foundation for rich and powerful families to build a national first-line brand




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