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Unconsciously, summer, which is too hot to breathe, quietly exits, and autumn quietly comes

in September, many industries have “ Gold nine silver ten ” This statement is no exception in the home decoration circle. So, this “ in the household circle; Jinjiu ” What is the origin of this statement

today, Xiaobian will give you a good analysis. Partners who want to decorate should have a good look

1. Good ventilation effect

according to the decoration teacher Fu of mud commune decoration, in the process of decoration, many home decoration boards and construction are easily affected by the weather. In the four seasons of the year, autumn is the most ventilated season. Good ventilation means that the inevitable harmful substances in indoor decoration will be diluted quickly& ldquo; Autumn is crisp ”, The ventilation of the newly decorated house has greatly improved the emission efficiency of harmful gases. For the owners who are eager to move in, September is a rare decoration month

2. The paint is easy to dry

when the house is decorated, both the paint on the wall and the lime cement are wet. In case of wet weather, the paint on the wall will not dry and lead to moldy walls. After entering autumn, the humidity in the air is significantly reduced. It is not wet in autumn, and the decoration materials are easy to preserve; At the same time, the coating and paint on the wall can be dried quickly. Considering the decoration quality, autumn is a rare decoration season

3. Neither hot nor cold improves work efficiency

in fact, there is another reason to recommend autumn decoration. In autumn, the wind is cool, neither hot nor cold, and the mood is beautiful. Our decoration workers are also the same. There is no tired working state under the hot and high temperature in summer, nor the inflexibility of hands and feet under the cold wind in winter. The appropriate temperature in autumn is conducive to improving the efficiency of workers. Not only the speed is accelerated, but also the things made must be of higher quality

4. Suitable for circuit installation

circuit installation is the most easily ignored, but it is also the most important reason for fitting out in autumn. The circuit is easy to cause safety accidents, so it is best not to install the circuit in high temperature weather. Of course, it is not suitable to install the circuit in too cold weather. Circuit installation is the top priority of decoration, so for owners, autumn is the most suitable season for circuit decoration

5. The main materials for decoration are cheap.

September is the well-known golden month for decoration. Many owners will choose to decorate their houses in autumn. In such a large market environment, home decoration companies will certainly increase the marketing of home decoration products, and the decoration material market is no exception. Owners can seize the opportunity of strong promotion to save the cost of decoration and materials

under such high-quality decoration conditions, many owners preparing for decoration will carry out decoration plans. Many decoration companies will also offer attractive discounts, and mud communes are no exception. In September, mud commune settled in pinduoduo, helping social e-commerce in need

pinduoduo's original “ Fight with family and friends to buy ”, Social networking and e-commerce are cleverly integrated, and the cold and monotonous buying behavior is upgraded to a more warm and fun shopping experience. This new way of playing social E-commerce makes users feel more involved and enjoy the fun of social shopping

the main way to make a group is to let the group share a group link on the social network and invite small partners to participate. Mud commune launched the welfare of home appliances in the whole house. Two people form a group, and one yuan for house inspection and measurement can be grabbed. Main group rules:

2-4 people Decoration Group: a 4K high-definition smart TV

5-9 Decoration Group: 4 high-definition smart TVs and intelligent drum washing machines

10-29 people Decoration Group: one 4K high-definition smart TV, one smart drum washing machine and one smart refrigerator

decoration group with more than 30 people: one 4K high-definition smart TV, one smart drum washing machine, one smart refrigerator and the hanging up of the air conditioner in the whole room

in addition to the whole room household appliances in the group, the mud Thanksgiving month also sent out 20000 gift bags of main furniture materials, which were delivered immediately after signing the bill, with a lot of benefits. It also cooperated deeply with China Construction Bank to launch the installment interest free decoration business. After getting these concessions, you will also enjoy high-quality home decoration services. Owners with decoration plans can't miss this opportunity

at present, mud commune has service points in 28 cities, with 52 direct branches. In September, mud commune Chongqing, Nanjing and other places are about to open, continue to move forward and expand in an all-round way. If you want to decorate, you can go shopping and search mud commune





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