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This case is a set of decoration renderings in the simple European style of three bedrooms and two halls located in Hankou show garden. The simple European style is a good combination of modern simplicity and European style. It looks fresh and elegant, with a bit of nobility and luxury. It is really exquisite. With an area of 180 square meters, the decoration of Jane Oufeng cost 120000, which the owners think is really quite cost-effective. Now, let's hurry to see how others build their own warm and comfortable nest

decoration owner's file:

Community: Hankou show garden (more decoration effect pictures of Hankou show garden)

house type: three bedrooms and two halls decoration style: simple European style decoration method: half package contract amount: 120000 decoration company: milanju decoration design Description: in this space, white lines and light yellow wallpaper are the main color of the whole room. Simple roman columns and simple fireplaces, marble lamps, decorative wax stands, European railings are cleverly combined with these neoclassical elements, and then matched with pure white European furniture to make the space luxurious and generous, creating a warm and quiet home atmosphere

the background of the living room uses warm wallpaper. The previous background is always thick and colorful. The language of background processing makes it concise, pays more attention to natural expression, and does not deliberately pursue complicated things

in the design of the guest bathroom, the design concept of "dry and wet zoning" is used, which makes it more convenient to wash hands after eating and increases the comfort and practicality of the space

the relationship between bedroom and study is suite, so it can be used more conveniently. There is not much decoration on the whole, but some wallpaper is paved on the wall, which can add the atmosphere into the room. On the basis of ensuring the study space, a walk-in cloakroom for storing clothes is divided for the hostess. So if home is a harbor, then the bedroom is the temple of the heart, pure and pure. Let it become a stress free area shared by you and your lover. Lean back, relax and enjoy the peace

white is not only pure and simple, but also introverted and implicit. No matter how many ups and downs and twists and turns, what does not change is the elegance and peace implied in itself. The reason why beauty exists is that it requires exquisite details

[introduction to Hankou Xiuyuan community] chengkai Hankou Xiuyuan project is located in the east of gusaoshu Road, between Luojiazui road and the third ring road. Located in the center of the three residential blocks of Changqing, yangcha lake and Houhu, the residential environment is pure. The area where the project is located is also the nearest to Hankou center. It takes 10 minutes to reach Lingjiao Lake Wanda business district, 15 minutes to reach Wuguang business district, and 20 minutes to reach Xintiandi business district. Life is very convenient; The area where the project is located is the second gateway of Hankou north. The second ring road and the third ring road can be accessed within 10 minutes, and the three towns can be reached quickly; Tianhe Airport can be reached in 15 minutes to the north and Hankou railway station can be reached in 10 minutes to the south. The shuttle between cities is easy

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